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This version is a consultant collection of a number of the forms of inscriptions, from political manifestos to gladiatorial bulletins, present in the traditional Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. those inscriptions, painted and incised at the partitions of private and non-private structures, rfile features of way of life within the first century A.D. Inscriptions, really graffiti, have been frequently written by way of much less trained contributors of society, and as such offer a unprecedented glimpse of universal Latin.

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1 2 M · Cerrinium aed · pomari · rog For the date of the candidacy, see I, 1, 3. 2pomärï: nom. pl. masc. 2 2nd Declension Nominative/Vocative Plural. The suffix -ärius is used to form nouns indicating occupations. There are many such formations found in the wall inscriptions. 6. 171; VI, ix, 6–7; Via di Mercurio. 1 2 3 4 A · Vettium Firmum aed · o · v · f · dign · est Caprasia · cum · Nymphio · rog una · et · vicini · o v f The candidacy of Aulus Vettius Firmus belongs to the first half of the 70s AD.

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Cf. formösiörem; pariëns, ‘wall,’ nom. sg. , cf. pariës. Word-final Consonants m: The omission of word-final m was a feature characteristic of all varieties of Latin. We know from Latin metrics that word-final m was not pronounced when the next word began with a vowel. Introduction xxxi Presumably, then, despite the fact that final m is spelled in literary Latin, it was not pronounced. In Latin final -Vm was probably a long, possibly nasalized, vowel. At Pompeii and Herculaneum final m was commonly written in dipinti, which is to be expected since this style of writing adhered more closely to spellings used by the educated classes.

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