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By Altmann, Gabriel, Gabriel Altmann

This quantity offers 12 papers on a brand new method of the research of writing structures. For the 1st time, quantitative equipment are brought into this quarter of study in a scientific approach. the person contributions supply an summary approximately quantitative homes of symbols and of writing structures, introduce equipment of study, research person writing platforms as used for various languages, organize an explanatory version of phenomena hooked up to script development/evolution, and provides a point of view to a basic conception of writing structures.

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Precursors of functional literacy

The aim of this quantity is to provide fresh examine within the box of the purchase of useful literacy and its precursors. the quantity goals to trap the cutting-edge during this quickly increasing box. An try out is made to elucidate the obscure and sometimes inconsistent definitions of useful literacy from the viewpoint of improvement.

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The phoneme /AA/ having 19 different representations. 25. There is no maximum of H0 because K is potentially infinite but its minimum is 0. The greater H0 , the more diversified the phoneme representation. The results for all phonemes are presented in the second and third column of Table 2. It can be seen easily that vowels have more diversified representations than consonants, though some of them are weakly diversified (/AE/, /AW/, /OY/). Under other conditions of sampling and interpretation, one would get another picture, but any version is merely an approximation because of the diversity of English.

For the letter we obtain from the above example nq = 5 and PP = 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 7. For comparative purposes we define PP = 1 ∑ |n | x∈n wx . 4. The results for all letters are given in Table 8, #G denoting the number of graphemes and MLU mean letter utility. Ordering the letters according to their utility in graphemes we obtain the order: . It would be possible to order the letters according to their absolute weight, too.

Wimmer, Gejza; Altmann, Gabriel 1999 Thesaurus of univariate discrete probability distributions. Essen: Stamm. Graphemic representation of English phonemes Fan Fengxiang and Gabriel Altmann 1 Introduction The grapheme-phoneme analysis of English is radically different from cases analyzed hitherto (German, Swedish, Italian, Slovak). This is caused by (i) the historical origins of English, (ii) its many national and regional varieties and (iii) the borrowing of many foreign words. The grapheme-phoneme mapping has been examined from different aspects (cf.

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