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Rt". ,^"::1""". region. HFr. ,rtru. , rhc ba,is for d"rel. tcm. " , rie.. ;jfi ,"Jli :il ;il: ;::''" "[]'l;:'';l This_processalso relaresto the emergence or riarz potiricat svs r" ho eartier\ritins. ". ii,,,'i. the emergencc jill of the archeotos'callyobserabtc ";". ". rs consequently had an iDr' F€t upon tfban anthropology. In this interylay. Change is bujlt into the system. Nlost erplnnrtions for lhe evolution of socielv, the move from tnbal to state systens, and the emergenceof thc citl, are based upon an ecol(,gical perspective.

Through time and space, the centralized ideological underpinnings o{ the large, cornplex state. rnd contained hctero' 8€neousgroups, a basic technique {or integratnrg th. vaious segments d soci€t], was th€ development of an ideology, or Grert Trrdition, that could be connonly adhered to by the vrrious segments. This was comFised oI laws eoverning secular relationships aDd sacred scriptures goveming suFmatural relationships. ", irl t h o u g l -th e y i n ro l \e m u tti p te. " ; rirht\ rhrt producelimiredconrrrt**, J,"*l,ll popularion.

And mssire archirecture'r still b'ing chdra(reristib "r"i-t. tsrnd historirns Someof dre urban g'Prtcr oc'uparionrl which stlow hererogeneiry cultuial una ir. ',*iA choicc and lr€cdom ad l,ersonai 'The distiDctionberwccn th. ts of nodcrn life that what of process Manv productiv€ industrial rtrit are the result o{ tle process industJial of the the result pmblemi' are more -urban are called rhan the urban. Obviously, it is di$cult to disassociatethese two phetromena,which are both ubiquitous at the present tine, but everv efiort should be rnade to do so where possible.

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