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To keep their roles simple and efficient, the directory is implemented on the outer network. Storage • 4 x Xserve RAID 7 TB (populated with six 500 GB drive modules per controller; the seventh is a hot spare, not used in the storage calculation) • 512 MB cache per controller (1 GB total) Fibre Channel Switch • 2 x Apple qualified Fibre Channel switch Metadata Controllers • Xserve, Xserve G5, or Xserve G5 cluster node • 1 GB RAM per controller Lesson 4. Setting Up Your Storage The Apple Xserve RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a group of hard drives that appears to the host Power Mac as a single high-speed storage unit.

This will allow the controller to be optimized for dealing with these small metadata files and give you the best possible bandwidth out of your SAN. If you are not able to dedicate one controller for this task, then it is possible to share the metadata and journaling controller with other data pools. Realize, however, that if you decide to mix the metadata and journaling information with regular data, you will not be able to expand the volume in the future. One Xserve RAID Option 1 This configuration assumes that the media pool contains both metadata and journaling, as well as user data.

View full size image] [View full size image] Xserve RAID Striping Examples There are numerous ways to stripe your available Xserve RAID units, depending on the number of RAIDs, as well as your bandwidth need, requirements for audio and render space, as well as other factors such as AFP/NFS/SMB file sharing LUNs. The following sections present a few examples of how you may divide up your available RAIDs for use with Xsan. Because this will be one of the more creative tasks in the Xsan configuration, we will coin this term LUNscaping.

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