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This is often the second one version of Hanaan Rosenthal's critically-acclaimed AppleScript ebook. It is going the additional mile to coach you AppleScriptexplaining complicated subject matters with out leaving you behind.AppleScript is the high-level scripting language that is living at the Mac platform. it may be used so as to add performance to the Mac working process, automate projects, upload features, and usually make issues more uncomplicated. AppleScript has constantly been very helpful, and with Mac OS X, you could take AppleScript extra than before.This booklet starts with the fundamentals like dealing with variables, loops, and instructions. Then it proceeds with extra complex ideas like debugging, AppleScripting with databases, manipulating PDFs with SMILE, and automating media workflow. In a nutshell, this book:* Takes you on a trip from amateur to expert AppleScripter.* is totally entire; not anything is left to the imagination.* Is updated via AppleScript 1.10/Mac OS X Tiger.If you're a Mac consumer who desires to be aware of the true which means of getting complete keep watch over over your desktop, get into AppleScripting. And decide up this e-book since it fairly is the single advisor you want to grasp the paintings of AppleScripting!"

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In either case, the value is 12, but in the first case it’s a number, specifically an integer (whole number), and in the second case it’s two characters: the character 1 followed by the character 2. The basic value classes are very logical, as you will see in the following sections. Text Also called a string, text is just that: a bunch of characters strung together. A string literal is the written representation of a piece of data, as used in source code. In other words, a string literal is text you actually type in your script; string literals always have double quotes on either side.

It is up to the development team of every application to implement scriptability for any feature they imagine someone would want to automate. For example, it wasn’t until a few years ago that Adobe jumped on the scripting bandwagon and started incorporating AppleScript support into its widely used graphics program. Adobe Illustrator 9 was the first major Adobe application to ship with an AppleScript interface; this was followed by InDesign, which started out boasting a comprehensive scripting vocabulary, and finally Photoshop 7 came out-of-the-box scriptable as well (although you could script Photoshop with the PhotoScripter plug-in from Main Event Software a couple of years before that).

Enter the lines shown in Figure 2-7, and click the Compile button. The second line starts with a double hyphen. This turns it into a comment, and AppleScript ignores it. Figure 2-7.

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