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I've got learn the publication and feature mentioned a part of it with one of many authors (Oss). i discovered the e-book to be good equipped for it is debate and dialogue procedure. i discovered that each one 4 authors successfully represented their respective camps correctly. i'd say even though that the cessationst argument now and then seemed to holiday off every now and then making no sure conclusions. normally, the classical pentecostal place used to be extra supported, i think, by means of Scripture than plenty of people be ready for. The authors established for these of their respective camps that we will be able to have a kinfolk war of words approximately theology with no being disagreable. i like to recommend the ebook to somebody who desires to locate solutions (as I did), and to an individual who desires to comprehend why their brothers in Christ could disagree with them on a heated theological factor.

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38, emphasis mine). ,6:8) is beside the point. To offer that as evidence that such gifts continue beyond the time of the apostles pulls apart what for Luke belongs together" (p. 39). I disagree. I believe it is precisely the point-that the miraculous ministry of the Holy Spirit is designed not solely for the apostles or solely for the foundational work they performed. If, as Gaffin contends, miraculous phenomena and apostolic ministry belong together in Luke's mind, why then do others than the apostles perform miracles?

Some, like those of Agabus, are so specific that Scripture would not speak to them(p. 51). But if it is granted that the prophecies of Agabus could not be tested by Scripture (and this seems valid), how was it ascertained that these prophecies were from God? Without getting into all that might be involved in answering that question, An Open But Cautious Response I 71 it surely seems valid to conclude that the same means used to validate the prophecies of Agabus could be used for contemporary prophecies.

Dr. Gaffin's presentation of Pentecost as a forward movement in the history of God's salvation program rather than a paradigm for individual believers throughout this age demonstrates that only believers living through this transition could experience what might be termed a two-stage relationship to the Spirit. The cessationist's emphasis on the uniqueness of the apostles and their ministry as foundational to the church also seems biblical to me. This clearly raises questions for those who argue that all the gifts remain essentially the same throughout church history.

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