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By Isaac Asimov

In Asimov's consultant to the Bible, Isaac Asimov explores the ancient, geographical, and biographical facets of the occasions defined within the outdated and New Testaments. Asimov's makes an attempt to light up the Bible's many imprecise, mysterious passages turn out soaking up examining for somebody attracted to faith and historical past.

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The serpent is portrayed as able to w k and as maneuvering the naive woman into eating the forbidden fruit in defiance of God's prohibition. The woman then encouraged Adam to eat it as well. As told here, the serpent's evil is motiveless or, at best, arises out of mere delight in mischief. The few$of post-Exilk; times made this seem mok reasonable, however, by equating the serpent with Satan, who is the spirit of Evil as God is 'the spirit of Good. ) Actually, the tale of thd'serpent is. quite un-Biblical In atmosphere.

At least, the Sumerians had lists of nine or ten kings who reigned before the Flood, each of them living for many thousands of years. One was listed as having reigned nearly 65,000 years. The writer of (his portion of Genesis, far from imposing on credibility by making use of extended life spans, apparently took. legendary material and did his best to cut those ages down to reasonable size. What's more, throughout the Hexateuch, the writers kept steadily reducing the ages attained by the chief figures in the tales though even at the end these were still boasting life spans somewhat in excess of a hundred years.

The story is based on still old& tales dating back to Sumerian times. The hero of this tale is Gilgamesh, king of t& Akkadian town of Ere&. He is in search of eternal life and finds Ut-Napishtim, who has the secret, Ut-Napishtin tell his story. It appeal that he was king of a Sumerian city at the time of the Flood and rode it out in a large ship. Gilgamesh obtained the secret of eternal life from him, nearly obtained the necessary conditions, and through misadventure lost ifc The details of this Sumerian flood story are very similar in a number of points to the story in the Bible.

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