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By Sharon Deane

ASP Made Simple offers a quick advent to ASP for the person that favours self educating and/or doesn't have dear computing amenities to benefit on. The ebook will display how the foundations of ASP might be discovered with a normal notebook operating own internet Server, MS entry and a common textual content editor like Notepad.

After operating in the course of the fabric readers may be capable to:

* Write ASP scripts that may exhibit altering details on an online browser
* Request files from a distant database or upload files to it
* money person names & passwords and take this information ahead, both for his or her personal web-development tasks or as a stepping-stone to realizing extra formal texts

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To find out if you have the server application working successfully, there will be a PWS icon in the program tray on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Rightclick on this and select Properties. This is the PWS icon 20 After double-clicking the PWS icon, a screen like the one below will appear: Explore the software. Go into the Help system, and select the personal web server topics. Located here are a number of user documentation files, such as, Getting Started, PWS in action, Microsoft Data Access components and ASP Reference, all worth examining in detail.

Firststring="Active Server" secondstring="Pages" thirdstring=firststring+" "+secondstring %> <% Adding strings together =thirdstring is called concatenation. %> Anything within the quote marks is a part of the string. Looking at the thirdstring line it is possible to see that it contains another string in the middle containing a single space, which stops the lines of text being pressed together. The plus sign is another operator and any combination of variables and operators is known as an expression in programming languages.

When typing the code in this book, the process of debugging (removing errors) is made easier by the web server, which will send error messages to the browser if you make mistakes. However, sometimes a mistake may not cause an error but make the script malfunction in some non-destructive way. It is important to plan your code and make sure it is written in a disciplined manner, in order to help catch any mistakes. In general, a computer language must be able to do three core things: a) Store data in areas of memory that can be changed.

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