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Estimate the number of air molecules in the container. 14. The temperature inside the container in the previous question was raised to 350 K. Calculate the pressure, density, and the number of air molecules inside the container. 15. A 3 m3 tank is filled with helium at standard conditions. 0, calculate the mass of the gas inside the tank. 16. 5 atm. 1 atm. Assuming there is no change in the tire volume, calculate the air temperature due to the pressure rise. 17. 05 cm thick film of oil being pulled to the right at a speed of 1 m/s (see sketch in Fig.

Streamlines: Another set of curves can be obtained (at a given time) by lines that are parallel to the local velocity vector. 4 Schematic description of streamlines in a steady-state flow: The velocity vector q is parallel to the streamline l fluid, the velocity q must be parallel to the streamline element d l (Fig. 4a). Therefore, on a streamline: q dl = 0 28 If the velocity vector is q = u, v, w , then the vector equation (Eq. 8) reduces to the following scalar equations: wdy − vdz = 0 udz − wdx = 0 29 vdx − udy = 0 or in a differential equation form: dx dy dz = = u v w 2 9a This equation is described schematically in Fig.

A small explosion in the ocean is 3000 m from two swimmers. The first has his ears under water while the second swimmer’s head is above the water. How soon will each hear the noise of the explosion? 4 and T = 300 K). 44. The speed of an airplane is frequently stated in terms of the Mach number, which is simply the ratio between the actual speed and the speed of sound M = U/a. 8 where the temperature is 27 C, calculate the actual speed of the airplane. 4). 45. A piston floats over a 1 m high column of water enclosed in a 2 cm diameter, pressuretight cylinder.

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