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"Solvent-based paints were utilized in automobile functions because the days while vehicles have been known as "buggies" and the horsepower used to be supplied by means of, good, horses. yet fresh EPA rules have limited solvent-based paints to be used purely in licensed expert paint cubicles, that means that do-it-yourselfers can now not use them--and it will not be lengthy ahead of their use is banned solely. Paint manufacturers

"In automobile Paint from Prep to ultimate Coat, car paint professional JoAnn Bortles walks the reader via dozens of how-to classes, tips, and tips approximately re-painting a vehicle, no matter if for aggressive convey or simply garage-time pastime. The publication gains over 500 how-to photographs, in addition to sidebars, walkthroughs, and informative text"--  Read more...

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Sure your old parts fit, but they have also sagged along with the car. Plus once you start cutting that car apart, the stress is relieved and stuff starts to move. Things no longer line up. Chance are it will take some work to get those parts to fit properly. Door/fender gaps will need to be adjusted. Places on the weld on parts like the rear quarters, roof, and trunk floor will need trimmed. What is your best tool for these situations? Patience. Don’t give yourself a make it or break it deadline for your project.

And it was easy to fix. We placed a heel dolly under the dent. A few firm, but not too hard taps with a body hammer knocked the dent in. When repairing high spots like this, it’s better to err on the side of caution, that is, have the metal lower around the dent rather than higher. You can always fill it more. Its easier than having to go back and knock down any high spots after you’ve started applying filler. The dent appears to be gone, but now there is a slight low spot. We filled the area using Evercoat Quantum 1 Single Step filler.

The rest of the quarter panel is sanded and areas that are difficult to sand with sandpaper are scuffed. Here I’m using a 3M 7447 Scotch-Brite abrasive pad to scuff the recessed areas of the chevrons. I worked my way around the panel, finding areas that need bodywork. The front part of the edge of the quarter panel by the quarter window was a little too sharp. It needed to be more rounded like the rest of the edge. I smoothed some Quantum 1 filler on it, and then I start to shape it. First the flat side of the edge is sanded flat with a blue 5˝ Soft-Sander block and 120 grit.

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