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By Paula J. Caplan Ph.D (auth.)

This booklet is an exploration of a few of the mental and so­ cial-psychological components that experience created boundaries among ladies. specific realization is paid to the daughter-mother courting. The content material is predicated on psychotherapy fabric, try out effects and conversations with sufferers and non-patients throughout a large age span. I received the fabric in my numerous roles as a clinician, researcher and theorist-and, continuously, as a lady, with no matter what distinctive biases and unique understandings that will contain. simply because a lot of the booklet offers with the improvement of wom­ en's problems in relationships with different girls, the emphasis will frequently be on how the turning out to be daughter feels in her dating together with her mom. The mother's emotions may be mentioned little or no for 2 purposes: to restrict the scope of this ebook and since a lot of what applies to the daughter additionally applies to the mum. it is usually as a result of her personal studies as a daughter that the mum encounters hassle in rearing her personal daughter or feeling com­ fortable approximately her skill to take action. however it is critical for the reader to bear in mind through the ebook that child-rearing is a frighten­ ing, tough job not less than a part of the time for almost each mom. In any long term courting, one starts off to adventure one's personal wishes, and it really is easily human to need that the opposite individual within the dating (even an child or younger baby) might meet these needs.

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57) She divides women into three types: the maternal, the hetaera and the mediumistic. " The hetaera type's value lies in providing "inspiration and flattery" to her man. The mediumistic type "renders the unique service to man of mediating to him the contents of the collective unconscious . . " (pp. 56-69) The reason for women to be strong, then, is so they can better support and help their men. In this connection, Claremont de Castillejo points out that women often regard men as little boys, in need of care, though the converse is not often true.

For the rest, when her work is done, it is not by singing, dancing or writing fairy tales that she wins her prince, but by lying back passively and being beautiful to look at, so the prince can take the active role in their relationship. Recent books that offer advice on the mother-daughter relationship, such as Neisser's Mothers and Daughters (1973), point out the usefulness of training a young daughter in the nurturant role. " and answers: One mother claims the best laborsaving device known is a daughter between the ages of nine and twelve, and the danger is that you may exploit her.

When my daughter was born, I received a letter from a woman friend whose grown daughter was married and lived far away. The mother telephoned her daughter daily. The reason she gave for the frequent contact was her "close" relationship with the daughter. She not only concealed the frequency of these calls from her husband, however, but also became uneasy when talking about it. She seemed to sense that her behavior revealed her excessive dependence on her daughter. Her letter to me was a paean to the motherdaughter relationship.

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