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By Douglas Niles

This e-book, a full-scale revision and growth of the principles within the unique BATTLESYSTEM myth wrestle complement, delivers all of the info you want to arrange and play battles with miniature figures. those principles can be utilized with no the AD&D online game books, yet it's also possible to convert characters and creatures from an AD&D video game crusade and use them in BATTLESYSTEM eventualities. Lavishly illustrated in complete colour, this e-book is an enticing addition to any gaming library.

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Eligibility to attack. The orc at the bottom of the photo can't attack, since the unit is irregular and the base of that figure is not contacting an elf figure. In contrast, every one of the elves can attack, since they are in regular formation and armed with pikes. tion for figures to attack from the second or third row. Melee Advantage Certain melee combat situations give one unit an advantage over its target. In a BATTLESYSTEM™ scenario, this allows the unit with the advantage to resolve its attacks first, inflicting casualties and forcing morale checks before the target unit makes its attack.

Wraparound Unlike the other two types of movement described above, wraparound movement is an offensive maneuver. The unit expands its frontage (if necessary) and then wheels one or both ends of the unit inward in an attempt to outflank or envelop the enemy unit. The movement cost of wraparound movement is the total cost of expanding frontage (at 1" per figure) and the wheeling movement. However, unlike other types of movement resulting in 30 Movement multiple facings within a unit, the cost for wraparound movement is not the total of all the individual turns and movements made by various figures in the unit.

Some of the archers on the extreme left don't have shots can be seen by the attacking figure. However, casualties must be removed from among figures that are in the attacker's line of sight, and if the attacker scores more hits than the number of figures that are eligible targets, then the excess hits are lost. Note: If part of a unit shoots missiles, that attack counts as an attack for the entire unit. Line of sight is blocked if there is a hill or high ground between the attacker and his target, but not if either the attacker or target unit occupies the high ground.

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