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By Richter Lutz

Richter L. Betriebssysteme (de)(ISBN 3519022532)(Vieweg, 1985)(148s)(KA)-new

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For example, a new experimental Fortran compiler might well be made executable by all members of the compiler development group, so as to permit testing by group members; but execute permission will probably be denied to other members of the general public until the compiler has been certified to work properly. In small installations, groups may be insignificant or trivial; the group may well consist of a single user, or all authorized users may belong to a single group. Even if they are not really used, groups are always defined for purposes of defining access privileges.

But this practice is not generally to be encouraged, because typing without an immediate screen echo can leave typing errors unnoticed, with possible unexpected consequences to come! Like many other computer operating systems, Unix employs all the printable ordinary keyboard characters, as well as a set of control characters which are not printable. The latter are formed by striking the appropriate key while holding down the CONTROL key. ) The CONTROL key works much like the SHIff key, that is, it alters the meanings of the other keys.

Thus, the two special files appear to the programmer like two distinct output files, although only one physical device is actually in use. Directories Once a file has been written on the magnetic disk, a way must exist to find it again when required. Files are stored on disk in some convenient fashion, not necessarily in the order oftheir creation. They are made easy to find by name by creating an additional file called a directory, which shows where to find the individual files. Like a city directory, a file directory contains the file names and their physical addresses on the disk.

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