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By Bahaa-eddin Abulhassan Hassan

This booklet bargains a difficult and stimulating point of view on translation. it's a complete useful path in translation among English and Arabic and, as such, could be beneficial to scholars of translation. according to contrastive linguistics, it incorporates a number of translation key techniques, together with lexical, grammatical and stylistic concerns. The ebook balances conception and alertness in translation. The publication is the results of the numerous classes the writer has taught to scholars of Arabic-English translation, and may support bilingual audio system familiarize yourself with translation options and boost sensible translation talents to an identical commonplace as that anticipated of a college graduate. It provides a extraordinary collection of examples of English/Arabic translation. via lexical learn, thesaurus construction and an creation to key theoretical options in translation, the reader will achieve a greater knowing of what graduate-level translation consists of.

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In the second range, the lexical item in question would be examined against other lexical items which are in a related semantic domain. For example the word ‘whisper’, in contexts like: 1. whisper campaign 2. she is always whispering about her neighbors 3. e. there are negative contexts (1, 2), and voiceless and low volume are irrelevant here). The word ‘whisper’ should be contrasted with lexical items such as gossip, tattle, and criticize. 3 Collocative Meaning Collocative meaning is the connotative meaning lent to a linguistic expression by the meaning of some other expression with which it frequently collocates.

O I 2- The hammer / broke / the window, I ….. O 3- John / broke / the window. A ….. O 4- The window / broke, A ….. The active and passive uses of a verb, like ‘break’, are considered as diverse surface structures related to identical deep role structures, as in the following (using Fillmore’s case labels): (1) The door broke (intransitive). SÎV+O (2) a. The hammer broke the door. SÎV+O+I b. The door was broken with the hammer. SÎV+O+I (3) a. John broke the door. SÎV+O+A b. The door was broken by John.

Like mother, like daughter. In successful translations the information presupposed by the writer to be known to the source language reader should be clear to the target language reader (Nord 1991: 96). In translating proverbs pragmatic failure may occur. If the translators use some information not to be known by the target language reader, relevance loss will be likely to come about in the translation. They must refer to the world of the target language reader.

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