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РАРИТЕТ, ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ С благоговейным трепетом предлагаю вам в продолжение серии Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts from Western Europe Подборка средневековых манускриптов эпохи Возрождения библейскую историю "в картинках ". В руках нам не придется подержать такую книжку, так хоть краем глаза на нее взглянуть.

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6. Summary and Conclusion At the end of each chapter in this book there is a summary in which the most important elements in the discussion will be underlined. we have far, (a) all So discovered the following: The popular way to read the Gospels has been to harmonize them with one another. However, for the last two hundred years. Gospel harmonies have been rivalled by Synopses of the Gospels, in which the Gospels are placed side by side for the purposes of careful comparison. • The Synopsis gives birth to the term Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Will appear in Double Tradition? two columns, Matthew and Luke. will appear only in appear only Is Is it Is it If so Special Special Luke? If so Luke. These kinds of material make up the great bulk of the Synoptic Gospels. Each pericope will, in some measure, four categories. And one will notice, fall into on each occasion, one of these that the Triple Tradition material seems to revolve largely around Mark, term'; Double Tradition seems to its 'middle be largely sayings material, often with near-verbatim agreement, and not so similar in its order as Triple Matthew contains some (so-called) legendary ments and Special Luke is full of great stories, especially parables.

2. com/maze. Thomas Nelson, 2. e. e. e. e. 35 ] blue + red + yellow ] The look of your Synopsis will depend very much on which passage you have chosen to colour. And the spread of colours in each of the passages will help you to see the characteristics of each of the different kinds of material that we are now ready to discuss. So, having begun to familiarize ourselves with the Synopsis, different kinds of material we find first Tradition kind of synoptic material tends to be called Triple Tradition and we have already, in Chapter involves cases where a pericope Hence take a closer look at the there.

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