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By Jim Penman

Western civilisation is on a route to destruction. In coming a long time, economies will decrease, democracy will retreat and international locations disintegrate. The long term end result may be grinding poverty, superstition and ailment.

This isn’t scaremongering – it really is technological know-how.

In Biohistory: The Decline and Fall of the West, Dr Jim Penman, PhD, information a innovative new idea approximately why civilizations cave in. For the 1st time, Penman at once hyperlinks human biology with the increase and fall of civilisations—a cataclysmic dating that introduced the Romans, the traditional Greeks and all different Empires to their knees.

Based on pioneering medical study, Penman finds the lethal, invisible forces at play throughout human and animal history—and why the West would be the subsequent sufferer.

Biohistory uses the most recent findings in epigenetics, the examine of ways the surroundings impacts our genes. provided in easy-to-digest language, it attracts on historical past, biology, anthropology and economics to provide an explanation for the true drivers of social swap and the way evolutionary mechanisms designed to evolve animal social behaviour to altering nutrients stipulations confirm the destiny of civilisation.

The West’s basically desire of warding off disaster lies with the organic sciences, yet is it already too past due to alter the process heritage?

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Thus, these aggressive, warlike and fast growing populations are prolific and effective migrants. One culture almost wholly devoted to heightening its V was ancient Sparta. In the account given by Plutarch in his biography of Lycurgus, the Spartan lawgiver, he describes the military training of boys. They were given constant, vigorous exercise, including wrestling and fighting. They were allowed only a single tunic and cloak in the coldest weather. They were left short of food, so had to steal or starve.

In other words, these effects are in some ways opposite to the effect of food restriction on adults, a finding that will come to have major significance when applied to human societies. This is one aspect of a common finding that will be referred to on a number of occasions—environmental influences have very different effects when applied at different ages. Food Restriction 25 Food restriction and epigenetics In the previous chapter we mentioned the burgeoning field of epigenetics, in which environmental influences turn up or down the activity of certain genes, while not altering the DNA.

22 Chapter Two that will be of particular interest when we come to look at the early development of human civilizations. Sex hormones and sexual behavior A restricted diet has significant effects on fertility and sexual behavior. Mild food restriction in rats reduces luteinizing hormone (which stimulates ovulation in females) and follicle-stimulating hormone (which promotes sperm production in males). Combined with the lowering of testosterone, this would lead us to expect food restriction to reduce sexual behavior.

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