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By P. John, E. A. Reynolds, A. G. Prescott, A.-D. Bauchot (auth.), A. K. Kanellis, C. Chang, H. Klee, A. B. Bleecker, J. C. Pech, D. Grierson (eds.)

The inflorescence of the monoecious maize plant is exclusive one of the Gramineae within the sharp separation of the female and male buildings. The male tassel on the terminus of the plant more often than not sheds pollen prior to the visible visual appeal of the receptive silks of th the feminine ear at a lateral bud, typically on the 10 leaf [I]. previous reviews tested the ontogeny of the starting to be tissues starting with the embryo within the kernel via to the most obvious protuberances of the growing to be aspect because the kernel germinates. The differentiated constructing soon-to-become tassel and the lateral bulges that turn into the ears at the lateral buds turn into obvious very early within the germinating kernel [2, three, 46]. a undeniable variety of cells are destined for tassel and ear improvement [8]. because the plant develops, there's a part transition [\3, sixteen] from the vegetative lateral buds to the reproductive lateral buds. this variation in section has been ascribed to genotypic keep watch over as evidenced within the ameliorations between diversified genotypes within the initiation of the reproductive [I]. The genetic keep an eye on of tassel and ear initiation has been gleaned from anatomical observations. Lejeune and Bernier [I2] stumbled on that maize crops terminate the initiation of extra axillary meristems on the time of tassel initiation. this may point out that the top-most ear shoot is initiated at the related day because the initiation of tassel improvement and this occasion indications the top of the undifferentiated growing to be point.

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In green and etiolated epicotils, root and stem of seedlings grown in a greenhouse, a greater expression of PPAC02 was observed in comparison to PP-ACOI. 3. Conclusion Two members (PP-ACOI and PP-AC02) of the ACO multigene family present in peach have been isolated and characterized. PP-ACOI, similar to tomato and petunia ACO genes and to a member (CM-ACOJ) of the melon ACO gene family, has three introns and four exons. PP-AC02 has only two introns inserted in position corresponding to the first and third intron of PP-ACOI.

43 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. D. and Theologis, A. (1991) I-aminocyclopropane-I-carboxylate synthase in tomato is encoded by a multigene family whose transcription is induced during fruit and floral sencscence, 1. Mol. BioI. 222, 937-961. Samimy, C. (1978) Effect of light on ethylene production any hypocotyl growth of soybean seedlings, Plant Physiol. 61. 771-774. , Rohwer, F. and Bopp, M. (1989) Distribution of ethylene synthesis along the etiolated pea shoot and its regulation by ethylene, 1.

Discussion Auxin-induced ethylene production is a unique system in which interaction of plant hormones can be studied at the molecular level. The gene affected by auxin has been identified as a specific isogene of ACC synthase, and auxin inducibility of its expression was shown to be enhanced by cytokinin and suppressed by ABA or ethylene [2]. As the first step to delineate the molecular mechanism of hormonal interaction, we 26 have chosen Vr-ACS6 of mung bean, isolated its gene, and examined if its promoter region confers interactive responsiveness to auxin, cytokinin, ABA and ethylene.

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