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By Robert J. Schwalb

Bleeding facet Adventures number one: Mansion of Shadows (PDF)
A third period myth event for 1st to third point Characters
Author: Robert J. Schwalb
Cover Artist: Lisa Wood
Format: forty eight web page PDF
A 4.1 MB download
Version 3.5 rules-compatible

Fear the Shadows

Standing on a hill overlooking the lands of the Kirsvald is an historic mansion, the seat of strength of the Staufen kin. After years of decline and creeping corruption, the as soon as noble condominium has develop into a den of wickedness and the heart of a twisted plot orchestrated by means of an historical evil. Now the locals worry the Staufen identify and hate the oppression that has develop into their lot. it really is into this lethal nest team of courageous heroes needs to descend to discover and defeat the vile serpents that poison this land.

Mansion of Shadows is full of info, including:

* an entire event for 4 or extra characters of 1st via third level.
* a close gazetteer of the quarter together with an intensive map.
* outstanding maps of the mansion.
* variation situations for incorporating mass strive against ideas from the complicated Player's Manual.
* New mechanics just like the Damned feat and the Sinthrall template.
* New stat-block codecs for less complicated play.
* Terrifying creatures drawn from The e-book of Fiends just like the cranial wretch and the herlekin.

Mansion of Shadows launches eco-friendly Ronin's Bleeding part Adventures. Designed with today's savvy players in brain, this experience blends exciting combats and interesting play environments, with the juicy roleplaying possibilities that hold bringing us again to the desk. no matter if you utilize it as a stand-alone experience or as a part of a brand new crusade, Mansion of Shadows takes your online game to the Bleeding Edge.

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And each time a mortal succumbs to these temptations, a watcher records the deed in their black ledgers, gathering the sins until the mortal is so befouled that they are drawn bodily into Gehenna to suffer and languish under the obscene attentions of this horrid plane’s denizens. On occasion, some mortals prove too delicious to simply snatch and destroy. Instead of plucking the mortal from the Material Plane, the daemons violate their subject, worming their evil through his mind and body, transforming him into something new and useful to their purposes.

He doesn’t care about Bergen, his siblings, his parents, or anything really, so he might be convinced to explain what happened to him (DC 20 Diplomacy check). If so, he describes how he was taken through a trapdoor in the chapel, through the catacombs, where Bergen subjected him to some sort of magic. “It wasn’t a spell, but it acted like one. ” He then promptly goes back to sleep, ignoring any further efforts at conversation. — 29 — - Part IV: Meet the Staufens - Amalinda Staufen Ever since tasting sentient flesh, Leanor struggles not to eat the guards or servants.

But if they go on a rampage to butcher the family, they will have a nasty fight on their hands. • • • • Valdric Staufen is openly having an affair with a group of women. Elzbeth Staufen is aware and seems not to care. Jack desires his mother and his feelings are not being reciprocated. Erich is dangerous and violent, having none of the qualities of his youngest brother. • The family’s behavior concerns Helmut and he wants to relate his suspicions to the PCs in the morning. • No one seems worried about the encounter in the woods.

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