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This booklet presents an creation to Bluetooth programming, with a selected specialize in constructing genuine code. The authors talk about the most important suggestions and strategies considering Bluetooth programming, with targeted emphasis on how they relate to different networking applied sciences. they supply particular descriptions and examples for developing functions in a couple of programming languages and environments together with Python, C, Java, GNU/Linux, home windows XP, Symbian sequence 60, and Mac OS X. No earlier event with Bluetooth is thought, and the fabric is acceptable for a person with a few programming history. The authors position detailed emphasis at the crucial recommendations and strategies of Bluetooth programming, beginning easily and permitting the reader to quick grasp the fundamental techniques prior to addressing complicated beneficial properties.

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In PyBluez, the set l2cap mtu function is used to adjust this value. For example, set l2cap mtu ( l2cap sock , new mtu ) ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ This method is fairly straightforward, and takes two parameters. The first, parameter 12cap sock, should be a connected L2CAP BluetoothSocket. The second, new mtu, should be an integer specifying the incoming MTU for the local adapter. Calling this function affects only the specified socket, and does not change the MTU for any other socket. Here’s an example of how we might use it to raise the MTU: 49 PAB CUNY993C-Huang 978-0-521-70375-8 July 18, 2007 8:41 Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers l2cap sock = BluetoothSocket ( L2CAP ) ¯ .

C l o s e ( ) 45 PAB CUNY993C-Huang 978-0-521-70375-8 July 18, 2007 8:41 Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers In the socket programming model, a socket represents an end point of a communication channel. Sockets are not connected when they are first created, and are useless until a call to either connect (client application) or accept (server application) completes successfully. Once a socket is connected, it can be used to send and receive data until the connection fails due to link error or user termination.

Sock . close ( ) Aside from passing in L2CAP in place of RFCOMM as a parameter to the BluetoothSocket constructor, the only major difference is the choice of port number. Recall that L2CAP strictly limits port numbers to odd values between 4097 and 32,765. It is common to use hexadecimal notation when referring to L2CAP port numbers, just because they tend to look a little cleaner. Maximum Transmission Unit As a datagram-based protocol, packets sent on L2CAP connections have an upper size limit.

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