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By Rob van Ginkel

This ethnographic learn considers the engagement of Dutch fishermen with the constrained assets of the marine global, in addition to the capricious markets and political interventions that govern the fishing from the early eighteenth-century to the current day. extra in particular, it specializes in the owner-operators, deckhands, fishermen’s other halves, and others enthusiastic about the fisheries of Texel, an island on the northwestern finish of the Netherlands. Elucidating how the fishermen have navigated treacherous waters, in either a true and metaphorical experience, for lots of many years, Braving bothered Waters deals a portrait of a group on the interface of neighborhood, nationwide, and supranational processes.About the AuthorRob van Ginkel is senior lecturer in cultural anthropology on the collage of Amsterdam. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Paintings and pictures of vessels that are – or used to be – family owned and operated are rather common in the homes of (retired) fishermen. More importantly, in the villagers’ self-image, Oosterend is definitely a fishing community. As mentioned above, in matters of creed Oosterend and Oudeschild differ markedly. The image of the former is that of a pious Protestant community, whereas Oudeschild’s is that of a predominantly nonreligious village. ’ However, in recent decades there have been striking changes in the political and religious ideologies of the two fishing villages.

It was a time of considerable turmoil in the Dutch fishing industry. It even led to the downfall of a minister who failed to harness the disobedient fishermen. The management regime had profound economic, social and cultural consequences for owner-operators and crewmembers alike. The chapter attempts to show how Texel fishermen tried to steer their course in an era that was replete with social dilemmas and why they were ambiguous about the regulatory regimes. To understand their active pursuit to achieve a position as ‘catch king’, it also addresses the socio-cultural issues of rivalry, hierarchy and respect.

They still take pride in their métier. Even though the occupational community has become rather small over the past decade or so, fishing continues to occupy an important economic and symbolic position at the local level. Scores of inhabitants are fishermen or have been on a crew for a number of years, and most Oosterenders and Oudeschilders have relatives, neighbours, friends or former schoolmates who are working in the island’s fishing industry. Emphasizing their fishermen identities, Oudeschild has a fishermen’s choir that regularly performs on the island and Oosterend features an annual fish-smoking contest.

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