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By Placido Neri, Jonathan L. Sessler, Mei-Xiang Wang

Contributions that includes the chemistry and purposes of a kin of macrocyclic compounds jointly often called 'calixarenes' are provided during this edited quantity. The arsenal of buildings in line with calixarenes presents instruments that are potent in several parts of supramolecular chemistry. The Editors have compiled a well timed quantity which includes brand new, excessive calibre contributions from a great number of foreign authors. A large standpoint at the development and way forward for calixarene chemistry is gifted. aimed toward scholars and researchers energetic in Supramolecular Chemistry.

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Because of the general reactivity of calixarene skeleton, both direct and ipso-substitutions provide exclusively the corresponding para-substituted (para substitution relative to phenolic oxygen groups) compounds. g. in the design and synthesis of novel receptors/ligands. While direct para-substitution is the most common way of upper rim derivatisation, the meta positions of phenolic subunits have been inaccessible by direct reactions until recently. Obviously, whereas the para isomers of calixarenes are usually achiral compounds (due to the symmetry of calixarene molecules), the meta substitution should lead to inherently chiral systems with many possible applications in the design of chiral receptors.

E. >95 %) [32]. Such amino acid iminoresorcin[4]arenes have a high propensity towards self-assembly and formation of capsular dimers (discused in Sect. 1). For example, L-27 exists as a concave monomer in a homochiral form, however, upon addition of its enantiomer D-27, it self-assembles to form a centrosymmetric capsular dimer (L-27)(D-27). It was found that inherent chirality is different in the self-assembled dimer than in a non-assembled monomer [103]. The change of inherent chirality proceeds during 36 M.

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