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By Linda Dillow

Even supposing we wish to be content material and belief God, we will be able to nonetheless consider crushed via worry.Filled with encouragement and functional support for overcoming nervousness, this 12-session religious study for girls explains what God says approximately contentment and provides how you can use it on day-by-day life.• 12 periods

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A Personal Letter Twelve-Week Bible Study for Calm My Anxious Heart Notes Author “Calm My Anxious Heart invites us to examine a universal need for contentment. ” — MIMI WILSON, author of The Once a Month Cookbook NavPress is the publishing ministry of The Navigators, an international Christian organization and leader in personal spiritual development. NavPress is committed to helping people grow spiritually and enjoy lives of meaning and hope through personal and group resources that are biblically rooted, culturally relevant, and highly practical.

The public transportation is efficient but very crowded. During peak times, pushers shove people into the subway like sardines. One morning, while I was traveling to the Bible study in Discovery Bay, a man made sexual advances toward me while we were smashed together. I jabbed my elbow in his ribs, but how do you yell “sexual abuse” when you don’t speak the language and are the only non-Asian on the subway? Again I felt angry and violated. I shook all over, determined never to ride the subway again.

When her friends tried to confront her about her spirit, she said she couldn’t help it. She said she was born with a sharp tongue and an explosive temper. It was easier to claim “heredity” than to take control and make choices to build her character. Charlene displayed a “poor me” mentality. She claimed she had no talents. God had passed her by when He passed them out. The truth? It was more convenient to blame God than to serve Him any way she could. ” Sanda, my dear Romanian friend at the beginning of this chapter, was willing to do something that made her uncomfortable in order to discover if God could use her as a leader.

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