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By Sam Witt, Eric Olson

Fort websites bargains a desirable and targeted look at the workings of 7 fabulous fortresses:

Kaurak Kholzil, a dwarven bastion equipped into the face of a cliff to guard a wealthy adamantium mine;

Cloud preserve, the flying citadel of a hurricane colossal clan;

Dragon's Coffin, outfitted to maintain an historical black dragon trapped inside of its subterranean lair; plus a walled valley, the ruined citadel of a lich, a border fortress, and a frontier outpost.

Each access encompasses a description of the site's visual appeal, historical past, and format, an in depth floorplan, whole info at the NPCs who reside (or died) there, and experience hooks to attract participant characters into the surroundings.

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Since he doesn’t work on the Hill or in the Maze, help comes in the form of three mid-level typical town guards and Lumm the Staver. Heliz Yunz is fully detailed in Green Ronin’s Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary. OFF TO THE BROWN BEAR The rest of Act Two takes place in and around the Brown Bear Inn, a roadside hostel and tavern about a day’s travel north along the General’s Road. The Brown Bear is a popular last stop for travelers heading into Sanctuary, though business has never been all that great.

TACTICS The Dead Men attack the Sikkintairs with abandon, doing as much damage as they can, and trying to get to the coffin in the middle of them so that they can defile it. They also attack anything or anyone who gets in their way of this task. They fight to protect their territory. The Stonefaced mainly protect the coffin, though they see anyone getting too close to it as a threat. A few gang members may fight to the death, but once the tide has turned against one side, the other flees. If the PCs choose a side to fight on, that side takes them as allies and fight alongside as if they had been a part of the gang all along.

TACTICS As quickly as the rats appear, they swarm over the entire party and attempt to bite and chew them to pieces. They have no concern for personal safety and their only purpose is to satisfy the gnawing hunger in their bellies as they squeak and squeal with eagerness and the thrill of the kill. As soon as the swarm is reduced to half its hit points, the rest of the rats will scatter and run away, just as mysteriously and as quickly as they appeared. - 35 - INTERLUDES SCENE L: FLIES, FLIES, FLIES This encounter can occur anywhere in the city, though the Maze is best.

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