Download The Color of Her Panties (Xanth, Book 15) by Piers Anthony PDF

By Piers Anthony

We See England, We See Xanth, We See Mels's Underpanth

In truth, Gwenny Goblin, Che Centaur and Jenny Elf are only in regards to the purely creatures on Xanth who've been spared the sight of Mela Merwoman's undergarment -- preoccupied as they're with assisting Gwenny beat out her lousy half-brother Gobble for chiefship of the goblin horde. yet first they need to grasp area and thyme . . . and locate the terrific egg that sits among the Roc and the not easy position. whereas Mela -- who could gladly relinquish her oft-viewed underwear for a brand new husband -- joins the grownup Conspiracy . . . and speedy discovers the facility of an ideal pair of panties!

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Download Krull by Alan Dean Foster PDF

By Alan Dean Foster

It descends from space... THE BLACK FORTRESS
raining dying and destruction upon the planet KRULL

Who will upward push to safeguard the folk? who will defy the red-eyed Beast who dwells in the Fortress?

One guy dares.

Colwyn, who's armed with the mystical Glaive. Colwyn, abetted by way of a band of newly freed felons; a Cyclops with a sorrowful mystery; the magician Ergo, small in dimension yet nice in center; an elderly Seer; and a courageous younger boy.

Colwyn, whose betrothed is the captive of the Beast and scuffling with desperately to withstand his loathsome embrace...

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Download Exile's Return (Conclave of Shadows, Book 3) by Raymond E. Feist PDF

By Raymond E. Feist

Saved via a mage's intervention from definite demise, Kaspar, the evil Duke of Olasko, is lord not more -- decreased to an exile's lifestyles and compelled to wander the most harsh nation-states of the area he as soon as enslaved.Merciless deserts, forbidding mountains, and huge oceans now separate the as soon as strong despot from his former seat of strength -- his darkish desires of vengeance beaten through the day-by-day fight for survival. yet there's a better drama that may entangle the damaged dictator. An evil devastating and lethal seeks front to the land -- the paranormal instrument of a depressing empire hungry for conquest and destruction -- and Kaspar has inadvertently stumbled on the foremost. by surprise, Midkemia's final desire is a disgraced and exiled duke whose background is written in blood, and who now needs to wield his sword as her champion . . . if he so chooses..

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Download Wind Rider's Oath (The Bahzell) by David Weber PDF

By David Weber

Within the conflict God's personal, Bahzell had controlled to forestall a warfare by way of convincing Baron Tellian, chief of the Sothoii, to "surrender" to him, the battle God's champion. Now, he has journeyed to the Sothoii Wind undeniable to supervise the parole he granted to Tellian and his males, to symbolize the Order of Tomanak, the warfare God, and to be an envoy for the hradani. What's extra, the flying coursers of the Sothoii have approved Bahzell as a wind rider-the first hradani wind rider in historical past. and because the wind riders are the elite of the elite one of the Sothoii, Bahzell's ascension is as more likely to stir resentment as appreciate. That mixture of tasks could were sufficient to maintain an individual busy-even a warrior prince like Bahzell-but extra issues are effervescent below the skin. The goddess Shigu, the Queen of Hell, is sowing dissension one of the warfare maids of the Sothoii. The supporters of the deposed Sothoii noble who begun the struggle are plotting to homicide their new leige lord and body Bahzell for the deed. after all, these difficulties are all in a day's paintings for a champion of the conflict God. yet what's Bahzell going to do concerning the indisputable fact that Baron Tellian's daughter, and inheritor to the world, appears considering that he's the single man-or hradani-for her?

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Download Cold Copper Tears (Garrett Files, Book 3) by Glen Cook PDF

By Glen Cook

Slaying Beauty

She was once tall, blonde, and supplying Garrett a price that used to be impossible to resist to take a case that appeared open and close. yet in a city of elves and people, thugs and swindlers -- a spot the place magic and faith may perhaps end up an all-too-potent combine -- Garrett had realized to take an extended, challenging glance sooner than nodding yes.

And whilst, quickly after this damsel in misery had departed, the Grand Inquisitor got here trying to find Garrett's support, he knew it used to be time to throw a few enterprise his competitors' manner. yet even for a hard-boiled detective like Garrett, who had the lifeless guy for an best friend and the hardest half-elf on the town guarding his again, it was once already too overdue to decline. For Garrett have been fingered because the newest sacrifice to a long-dead god, and his purely likelihood to save lots of his neck was once to unravel his most modern situations without delay!

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Download Isles of the Forsaken (Isles of the Forsaken, Book 1) by Carolyn Ives Gilman PDF

By Carolyn Ives Gilman

The Forsaken Isles are close to revolution. 3 everyone is approximately to push it over the sting and set off occasions that may bring about a last showdown among historical forces and the recent overlords of the land. Spaeth Dobrin is destined to lifestyles as a ritual healer-- yet because the dhotamar of the tiny, remoted island of Yora, she is going to be stuck in a perpetual bond among herself and the folks she has cured. Is it slavery, or is it love? in the meantime, Harg, the and rebellious veteran, returns to discover his domestic remodeled via conquest. And Nathaway, the well-intentioned imperialist, arrives to educate Spaeth' s humans " civilization," merely to turn into an explorer within the unusual realm of the Forsakens. those males will propel Spaeth right into a vortex of struggle, temptation, and-- simply possibly-- freedom.

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Download Lior and the Sea (Tales of the Middle Kingdoms) by Diane Duane PDF

By Diane Duane

This infrequent and sought-after heart Kingdoms novelette was once released for the 1st time within the Tor delusion tribute anthology Moonsinger's associates: In Honor of André Norton, and has been out of print for twenty-five years. It now seems right here in e-book layout for the 1st time.

Lior is the Rodmistress of a small north-coast fishing village in Darthen. Her paintings brings her up opposed to the ocean each day. yet sooner or later a determined problem that Lior matters to the ocean itself within the face of a dangerous ocean typhoon produces a metamorphosis within the dating that no longer even a Rodmistress can simply cope with.
Soon Lior needs to make a choice from the security and safety of the lifestyles she's regularly identified and the terrifying strength and threat provided her by way of what was only a strength of nature, yet has now turn into anything even more personal...

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Download Wizardborn (The Runelords, Book 3) by David Farland PDF

By David Farland

Booklet 3 of The Runelords

Certain works of fable are instantly recognizable as monuments, towering above the remainder of the class. Authors of these works, comparable to Stephen R. Donaldson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind, come instantly to brain. Now upload David Farland to that record, whose epic fable sequence started with The Runelords.

Wizardborn maintains the tale of the fight of Gaborn, now the Earth King, who has misplaced his powers yet keeps to steer his humans. He needs to cope with the specter of the large, inhuman Reavers, whose myriads Gaborn and his forces needs to now pursue around the state. It has turn into Gaborn's destiny to persist with, even into the depths.

Raj Ahten, the nice warlord endowed with the energy and traits of hundreds of thousands of fellows, as soon as the first risk to Gaborn, now struggles to preserve his personal empire. His battle of conquest thwarted, his very lifestyles is now threatened by means of the Reaver thousands.

And a tender lady, Averan, who has eaten a Reaver and absorbed a few of its stories, turns into a keystone within the look for the darkish Reaver lair.

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