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By Kyrill Yu. Reznikov

In the current paintings, tactics of mobile proliferation, mobile demise, neurogenesis, and gliogenesis within the mouse hippocampus have been studied. The mapping of distribution of hippocampal mitoses and counting in their quantity allowed a extra certain definition of the information in regards to the disposition and age relief of proliferative websites in Ammon's horn and the dentate gyrus within the mouse. for that reason, the subsequent generalized scheme of improvement and age aid of the germinal zones within the mouse hippocampus has been steered. 1. Ammon's horn a) The ventricular area, from the start of formation of the hippocampus (Ell) till E20 b) The suprafimbrial region, from El6 till P7 2. Dentate gyrus a) The leading germinal region ("the anlage of the dentate gyrus" of Stanfield and CowanI979b), from E15 till P3 b) The proliferative region of the hilus, from P3 till Pl4 c) The subgranular area, from P3 until eventually grownup age The adduced scheme wishes a few reviews: 1. within the hippocampus (as good as in different formations of the constructing brain), basic precursors of all kinds of cells of neuroectodermal starting place are represented by way of cells of the ventricular quarter. they offer upward thrust to cells of secondary germinal zones within the dentate gyrus and Ammon's horn and are direct precursors of the bulk (if now not of all) neuronal cells in Ammon's horn, the earliest originating generations of neurons within the dentate gyrus, hippocampal radial glial cells, and, obviously, of a substantial a part of astroblasts and oligodendroblasts in Ammon's horn.

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45 Table 6. OOI MI, the mitotic index; LI, the labeling index; GF, the growth fraction; PDT, potential doubling time; PI, the pyknotic index; FCL, fraction of cell losses. 10% in the subgranular and subependymal zones, respectively. Values are the means (of four animals)±SEM. Table 7. 7 T, duration of the mitotic cycle; Is, duration of the S·phase; I G " duration of the G ,-phase; I Gz ' duration of the Gz-phase; 1M, duration of mitosis. Thus, the above-described study provided data on the kinetics of cell proliferation in the subgranular zone of the dentate gyrus.

It follows from the table that the rates of production of oligodendrocytes in the molecular and polymorphic layers are essentially the same and that astroglial cells accomplish their genesis and cease final divisions earlier than oligodendrocytes. 43 Table 5. 5 Values are the means (of four animals) ± SEM. The data obtained on the terms of final divisions by astrocytes and oligodendrocytes in the molecular and polymorphic layers of the dentate gyrus are very close to the data on the terms of gliogenesis in the mouse neocortex (Reznikov 1981).

The number of intensely labeled neurons in clusters in the frontal and sagittal sections was similar. In contrast to mice exposed to [3H)thymidine on E15, intensely labeled migrating neurons are observed in the inner part of the neocortex of El6-injected animals. Upon isotope injection on E17, intensely labeled neurons were still detectable in the outermost part of the plate, though their number had decreased substantially. As in E15- and El6-injected animals, after isotope administration on E17, intensely labeled neurons are arranged in clusters (Fig.

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