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Consider two equal resistances at the same absolute temperature, T, connected in parallel. The fluctuating thermal voltage that appears across one of these resistors, R, must equal that across the other, or else they would not be in thermal equilibrium. Furthermore, this equality must be true of each frequency component, because a filter containing only inductances and capacitances should not destroy thermal equilibrium. The power spectrum of the voltage fluctuation therefore must be a universal function of R, T, and the frequency, f.

5 1 _-. 2. Nonstationary noisc analysis. Variancc and mean sodium current in a frog nodc of Ranvier from 32 groups of four 20-msec depolarizations to IS mV after 50-msec prepulscs to - 105 mV. (A) Variancc calculated at each sample point. (B) Temporal variation of mcan current from four responses. (C) Plot of the variance of conductance versus mean current. Continuous curve is drawn from Eq. 400. 6 f ~ mation may be possible. Similarly, power spectra of fluctuations from a nonlinear process generally will not yield Lorentzian functions, although several Lorentzians may yield a good fit over a limited frequency range; such fits are only approximations to the actual spectral form.

1-42. Elsevier. Amsterdam. Fishman, H. M. (19x5). Relaxations. fluctuations and ion transfer acruss membranes. f r o g . Biophvs. Mot‘. B i d . 46, 127- 162. Fishman, H. M.. and Law, W. C . , Jr. (1987). Rapid acquisition and analysis of driving-point functions in nerve membrane. Proc. Annu. Conf. /EEE E n g . M f d . Biol. Soc.. 9th 2, 460-461. Fishrnan, H. M.. Poussart, D. J. , and Moore. L. E. (1975). Noise measurements in squid axon membrane. J. Memhr. Biol. 24, 2x1 -304. Fishman, H. , Moore, I..

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