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Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–3): A. T. Diplock
Chapter 2 diet E as an Antioxidant in vitro and in vivo (pages 4–18): G. W. Burton, okay. H. Cheeseman, T. Doba, ok. U. Ingold and T. F. Slater
Chapter three loose Radical defense: Why diet E, no longer diet C, ??Carotene or Glutathione? (pages 19–44): R. L. Wilson
Chapter four The function of diet E in organic Membranes (pages 45–55): A. T. Diplock
Chapter five nutrition E, physical exertion and Tissue Oxidative harm (pages 56–69): A. T. Quintanilha and L. Packer
Chapter 6 Tocopherol content material of Adipose Tissue from diet E?Deficient people (pages 70–91): Herbert J. Kayden
Chapter 7 Neuropathological reports of persistent diet E Deficiency in Mammals together with people (pages 92–105): James S. Nelson
Chapter eight nutrition E and Neurological functionality: Abetalipoproteinaemia and different problems of fats Absorption (pages 106–129): D. P. R Muller, J. ok. Lloyd and O. H. Wolff
Chapter nine The impression of nutrition E on Rabbit Neutrophil Activation (pages 130–146): Joan E. Lafuze, Steven J. Weisman, Leah M. Ingraham, Charles J. Butterick, Louise A. Alpert and Robert L. Baehner
Chapter 10 diet E and Retrolental Fibroplasia: Prevention of great Ocular Sequelae (pages 165–185): Neil N. Finer, Kathrine L. Peters, Reid F. Schindler and Garry D. Grant
Chapter eleven diet E and Retrolental Fibroplasia: Ultrastructural Mechanism of scientific Efficacy (pages 165–185): Helen Hittner, M. Frank and L. Kretzer
Chapter 12 protecting influence of nutrition E on Intraventricular Haemorrhage within the infant (pages 186–200): Malcolm L. Chiswick, Mary Johnson, Cynthia Woodhall, Maureen Gowland, Jacqueline Davies, Nancy Toner and Douglas Sims
Chapter thirteen Experimental types for dietary Myopathy (pages 201–223): C. H. McMurray, D. A. Rice and S. Kennedy
Chapter 14 diet E and Skeletal Muscle (pages 224–248): M. J. Jackson, D. A. Jones and R. H. T. Edwards
Chapter 15 remaining comments (pages 249–250): A. T. Diplock

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I imagine that it is a simple thermodynamic partitioning of the vitamin, depending on its relative solubility in the different lipids. As for its activity as an antioxidant, one would expect similar efficiency in the two compartments, from experience in homogeneous chemical systems; but in real living systems, which are highly heterogeneous, vitamin E may not have the same reactivity in plasma lipids as when it is in the membrane. Diplock: When erythrocytes from vitamin E-deficient rats and plasma from supplemented rats are mixed and allowed to come to equilibrium, transfer from one to the other occurs quite rapidly (Bieri & Poukka 1970, Bugaighis 1975, Nakamura & Masugi 1979).

J Biol Chem 105:443-454 Waddell J , Steenbock H 1928 The destruction of vitamin E in a ration composed of natural and varied foodstuffs. J Biol Chem 80:431-442 Waddell J Steenbock H 1931 Vitamin E in iron treated dry rations. J Nutr 4:79-93 Willson RL 1976 Electrophilic free radicals and nucleic acid damage: pulse radiolysis studies. Panminerva Med 18:391-402 Willson RL 1977a Iron, zinc, free radicals and oxygen in tissue disorders and cancer control. In: Iron metabolism. ’ radicals and electron transfer in biology and medicine.

NADH + 0 2 or R 02' NADH cyt c ox. + + - + + + + + R02H + NAD+ + 0 2 . R02H NAD+ + cyt. c red. + Interestingly, these overall reactions are essentially free radical equivalents of the NADH oxidase and cytochrome c reductase enzyme systems: R02H- -VitE-O. AHRS. NADH Clearly, such reactions do not preclude any other role for the compounds involved. The importance of glutathione as a scavenger of electrophilic intermediates and in detoxification reactions involving glutathione transferase and glutathione peroxidase is well known.

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