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By R. Jacob Baker

Content material:
Chapter 1 creation to CMOS layout (pages 1–30):
Chapter 2 The good (pages 31–58):
Chapter three The steel Layers (pages 59–82):
Chapter four The lively and Poly Layers (pages 83–104):
Chapter five Resistors, Capacitors, MOSFETs (pages 105–130):
Chapter 6 MOSFET Operation (pages 131–160):
Chapter 7 CMOS Fabrication (pages 161–212):
Chapter eight electric Noise: an outline (pages 213–268):
Chapter nine types for Analog layout (pages 269–310):
Chapter 10 versions for electronic layout (pages 311–330):
Chapter eleven The Inverter (pages 331–352):
Chapter 12 Static good judgment Gates (pages 353–374):
Chapter thirteen Clocked Circuits (pages 375–396):
Chapter 14 Dynamic common sense Gates (pages 397–410):
Chapter 15 VLSI format Examples (pages 411–432):
Chapter sixteen reminiscence Circuits (pages 433–482):
Chapter 17 Sensing utilizing ?? Modulation (pages 483–522):
Chapter 18 unique goal CMOS Circuits (pages 523–550):
Chapter 19 electronic Phase?Locked Loops (pages 551–612):
Chapter 20 present Mirrors (pages 613–656):
Chapter 21 Amplifiers (pages 657–710):
Chapter 22 Differential Amplifiers (pages 711–744):
Chapter 23 Voltage References (pages 745–772):
Chapter 24 Operational Amplifiers I (pages 773–828):
Chapter 25 Dynamic Analog Circuits (pages 829–862):
Chapter 26 Operational Amplifiers II (pages 863–908):
Chapter 27 Nonlinear Analog Circuits (pages 909–930):
Chapter 28 info Converter basics (pages 931–964):
Chapter 29 information Converter Architectures (pages 965–1022):
Chapter 30 enforcing facts Converters (pages 1023–1098):
Chapter 31 suggestions Amplifiers (pages 1099–1156):

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7) was quite novel at the time given the immaturity of MOS technology and the rising popularity of the bipolar junction transistor (BJT) as a replacement for the vacuum tube. 6 Discrete NMOS device from US Patent 3,356,858 [5]. Note the metal gate and the connection to the MOSFET's body on the bottom of the device. Also note that the source and body are tied together. The CMOS Acronym Note in Figs. 7 the use of a metal gate and the connection to the MOSFET's body on the bottom of the transistor (these are discrete devices).

3, that the chip's electrical signals are transmitted to the pins of the package through wires. These wires (called "bond wires") electrically bond the chip to the package so that a pin of the chip is electrically connected (shorted) to a piece of metal on the chip (called a bonding pad). The chip is held in the cavity of the package with an epoxy resin ("glue") as seen in Fig. 3b. The ceramic package used in Fig. 3 isn't used for most mass-produced chips. Most chips that are mass produced use plastic packages.

34, we can estimate that if a 1 V signal is applied to the integrator the output voltage will have a slope of or 1 V/ms slope. This equation can be used to design a sawtooth waveform generator from an input squarewave. Note, however, there are several practical concerns. ic statement, to ground at the beginning of the simulation. In a real circuit this may be challenging (one method is to add a reset switch across the capacitor). Another issue, discussed later in the book, is the op-amp's offset voltage.

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