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By Rosemary Jones

A whiff of brimstone, a guffawing ghost, and speak of a crown . . . partly 2 of this four-part Neverwinter novella, Rucas Sarfael unearths himself invited to a gathering of insurgent leaders and entangled greater than he would favor within the plans of the attractive and unsafe Elyne. while these plans bring about a mad seer, Rucas reveals a clue to the treasure he seeks—and multiple route to doom.

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The meenlocks try to take the PCs alive if at all possible. ) M5. Tunnel to Overworld: This tunnel leads through hundreds of feet of earth to a concealing rock in the forest across the river from Greyhawk. The tunnel walls are covered in a thick layer of moss that the meenlock use to climb out of the tunnel. This is their entry to the world above and a lifeline to sources of food and victims for their horrendous rituals. M 4 . Meenlock Ceremonial Chamber: A s described in the entry at the end of this adventure, new meenlocks are created, not born.

Once all the PCs have recovered, they see that they are in a long tunnel similar to a horizontal mine shaft. It is braced and supported with heavy wooden beams and appears to be very old. The tunnel is 20 feet wide at this point. The floor is paved with flag stones that provide a level but slippery surface. The occupants of the tunnels are obviously aware of the cave-in: sandbags are piled three feet high about 20 feet down the tunnel in both directions. Additionally, there are foot-wide holes lining both sides of the tunnel every 30 feet.

The symbol is a mosaic, and it appears to have been chiseled or torn out of a larger work. It was part of the wall in the old lair, and the wall was chopped up in order to free the unholy symbol to transport it here. The symbol radiates a strong aura of magic. Skeletal Sabre-tooth Cats (4): AC 6; M V 12; HD 6; hp 40, 36, 32, 28; THACO 15; #AT 3; Dmg ld3/ ld3/2d6; AL N The skeletal cats animate when anyone enters the room, but they attack only creatures of good alignments. When one of the cats is slain, it falls to the ground for three rounds, then rises and attacks on the fourth round.

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