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By Joe Karaganis, Lennart Renkema

"Copy tradition within the US and Germany" publishes a survey-based examine designed to convey public opinion to endure on very important coverage dialog concerning the way forward for the web. The research explores what american citizens and Germans do with electronic media, what they need to do, and the way they reconcile their attitudes and values with various guidelines and recommendations to implement copyright on-line.

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This result is consistent across several questions, but we have no particular explanation for it. Among Germans, the oldest cohort (>70) shows sharper differences on questions related to enforcement and the role of the state. Compared to younger cohorts, support for private-sector blocking falls across the board among this group—in some cases sharply: 15% off the peak for Facebook and 16% for search engines. This postwar generation of Germans also consistently shows the lowest levels of trust in the state.

Yes) $75k+ 40% 60% 76% 80% 100% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% COPY CULTURE IN THE US AND GERMANY THE AMERICAN ASSEMBLY | COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY BLOCKING BY POLITICS Unlike age and income, political identification in the US plays only a small role in explaining differences in views on enforcement. Self-identified Republicans are slightly more supportive of online enforcement measures than Democrats. The largest gap is 12%, on the question about ISP blocking. This result is almost certainly overdetermined by age differences: the young dislike ISP blocking and lean sharply Democratic.

Infringement? German support for third-party blocking of infringing content runs much higher than in the US across the board— until such actions infringe on privacy. Our data suggest that privacy is the paramount online value for Germans, capable of overriding much stronger support for the enforcement of copyright laws. And copyright is not the only domain in which privacy takes priority. Lawsuits over Google Street View and opposition to social plug-ins on Facebook and other social media services also reflect a different ordering of values than in the US and a different view 49 COPY CULTURE IN THE US AND GERMANY THE AMERICAN ASSEMBLY | COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Blocking Copyright Infringement, By Age (US and Germany) [AMONG INTERNET USERS] 18-29 30-49 Should services that allow users to upload content, like Facebook or online storage services, try to screen all material & try to reject pirated music and video?

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