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Why that disapproving reference to ‘strangers and usurers’ at a time (the 19th century) when freedom of contract was at its height, when ideally everyone should contract at arms length, that is, as strangers? A colleague teaching in equity and familiar with the race politics of 19th century England saw ‘usurers’ as a coded reference to Jews, which indicates ‘strangers’ may be referring to aliens, but to start to unpack this reference we had to go not to legal scholars but to economic historians and scholars of literary studies.

15 See Anderson, above n 12. 16 See, for example, Neave, MA, Rossiter, CJ, Stone, MA, Property Law: Cases and Materials, 5th edn, 1994, p 222ff, Sydney: Butterworths. 17 Ibid, 224. 18 Ibid, 225, citing Frencher, ‘Uses of Uses’ (1969) 34 Missouri Law Review 39, 45. 19 Spring, E, ‘The Heiress-at-Law: English Real Property Law from a New Point of View’ (1990) 8 (2) Law and History Review 273, 274. 26 Equity Spring argues that in 13th century England, these common law provisions were not insignificant in impact: 20 [D]espite the well-known generalisation that the common law sent estates to eldest sons, when examined it is found that in the norm of a stationary population, the common law would send 25% of estates to women.

Forsooth, usury is one of the chief causes, for they rob all men they deal with, and undo them in the end. ’ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 29 Dawson, J, ‘Economic Duress: An Essay in Perspective’ (1947) 45 Michigan Law Review 253, 268. 30 See Tawney, RH, ‘Introduction’ in Thomas Wilson, A Discourse Upon Usury, 1962, London: Cass. 31 Ibid, 41. 32 Dawson, above n 29, 268. 33 Cole v Gibbons (1734) 3 P Williams 290, 293, cited ibid, 268.

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