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New concepts for clerics, paladins, and different divine characters.This tome specializes in the divine heroes: characters whose powers depend upon their religion up to their sword, offering new archetypal builds for the cleric, paladin, and different divine sessions, together with new personality powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

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W h e t h e r t h a t p e r s o n k n o w s it o r n o t , t h e g e s ­ t u r e is m e a n t t o r e p r e s e n t t h e h o l y s y m b o l o f L o l t h , g o d o f l i e s , a n d t o a s k h e r h e l p i n m a k i n g s u r e t h e u n t r u t h is Realm of Battle Cleric A t t a c k 1 9 not discovered. You sweep your weapon through the a i r a m i call out for divine aid. A flock of angels soars through the sky to surround you, driving back the enemy. w a r r i o r i n t h e c o r p s e ' s h a n d .

Y o u s h o u l d select p o w e r s that e m p h a s i z e y o u r role as healer a n d facilitator. Suggested Class Feature: Channel Divinity (healers mercy)' S u g g e s t e d Feat: Defensive Grace* Suggested Skills: Diplomacy. Heal. Insight. Religion S u g g e s t e d A t - W i l l P o w e r s : astral seal* flame S u g g e s t e d E n c o u n t e r P o w e r : bane* S u g g e s t e d D a i l y Power: font • N e w option presented in this C H A P T E R 2 of tears* book ; Cleric sacred J NEW CLERIC POWERS M a n y of the p o w e r s described below benefit more addition, n e w p o w e r s e x p a n d o p t i o n s for t h e t w o c l e r i c Cleric Attack 1 D i v i n e radiance blazes from your holy symbol as you strike your foe.

T h e r e : W i s d o m vs. Fortitude they w o u l d spend eternity as powerless shades, haunted - W i s d o m m o d i f i e r c o l d a n d radiant d a m a g e . :4dS b y t h e m e m o r y o f life's r i c h s e n s a t i o n a n d vigor. N e r u l l ' s I y o u p u s h t h e target 5 s q u a r e s . T h e t a r g e t is d a z e d dominion lends). E a c h ally in t h e blast regains hit p o i n t s a s if h e e h a d s p e n t a h e a l i n g surge. E a c h d y i n g ally in g r e w e v e r greater, a s e a c h d a y myriad souls c a m e to his r e a l m , n e v e r to d e p a r t .

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