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By Peter Crow

Do, Die, or Get alongside weaves jointly voices of twenty-six those who have intimate connections to 2 neighboring cities within the southwestern Virginia coal kingdom. full of facts of a brand new form of neighborhood outlook at the frequent problem of small neighborhood survival, the booklet tells how a confrontational "do-or-die" previous has given strategy to a "get-along" current equipped on coalition and protected desire. St. Paul and Dante are six miles aside; measured in alternative routes, the space should be larger. Dante, for many years a firm city managed in any respect degrees via the mine vendors, has just a contemporary heritage of civic initiative. In St. Paul, which arose at a railroad junction, public debate, entrepreneurship, and schooling came across a extra receptive home.The audio system are women and men, prosperous and terrible, black and white, old-timers and rookies. Their issues and pursuits variety broadly, together with the conflict over strip mining, efforts to regulate flooding, the 1989-90 Pittston strike, the nationally acclaimed Wetlands Estonoa venture, and the grassroots revitalization of either cities led by means of the St. Paul the next day and Dante Lives On businesses. Their speak of the prior frequently invokes an ethos, rooted within the hand-to-mouth pioneer period, of momentary achieve. simply as often, notwithstanding, speak turns to more moderen occasions, while group leaders, organizations, unions, the government, and environmental teams have all started to hunt accord in accordance with what's going to be top, in the end, for the towns.The tale of Dante and St. Paul, Crow writes, "gives twenty-first-century desiring to the assumption of the nice fight." this can be an soaking up account of patience, resourcefulness, and eclectic redefinition of luck and neighborhood revival, with ramifications way past Appalachia.

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Paul. So this was the last of the frontier, St. Paul. Norfolk and Western ended here in St. Paul. And they had a turntable here because it was a couple Line or three years later before they went on through the rest of Wise County. The —— turntable was here in St. Paul. So the trains come down from Bluefield and * 260 from Norfolk—it was all the way across the state—and it would come into St. —— Paul, and they would turn the train around and send it back. So people come Norm here for the reason of the coalfields.

Paul [see figure 4]. You’ll notice this is the Western Front section right here, along the river. There are no buildings, no houses. Now here’s 1930, and here is the Western Front [see figure 5]. All these buildings were built somewhere between 1910 and 1930. In a twentyyear period all of this developed, you see when there was nothing. Speaking of the wild days of the Western Front in St. Paul, St. Paul lies exactly on the banks of the Clinch River. Once you cross the Clinch River, you are in Russell County.

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