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By Aaron Carroll, Rachel Vreeman

Males with giant toes have substantial penises. you'll want to drink no less than 8 glasses of water an afternoon. Sugar makes young ones hyper. consuming at evening makes you fats. Chewing gum remains on your abdominal for seven years. You lose forty in line with cent of your physique warmth via your head. each day, you listen or imagine issues approximately your physique and future health which are simply now not real. might be you observed them on television, learn them in magazines or heard them from neighbors (or even a doctor). This publication is for an individual who has puzzled concerning the fact at the back of those myths. humorous, wacky and entire of attention-grabbing proof, "Don't Swallow Your Gum" explains why such a lot of of these bizarre and worrisome issues we predict approximately bodies are improper.

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More often than not, this book will make your life easier. Moreover, it will give you a number of smart answers for your mother. Boring Research Terms That You Might See in This Book • Association – when one thing is shown to be linked to another, but is not necessarily the cause. This is not the same as causation. • Biases – factors in studies that may make the results skewed in one way or another. To avoid biases, researchers will try to make them randomized, blinded and placebo-controlled. • Blinded trial – a study in which subjects and/or researchers do not know which treatment subjects are getting until after the trial is complete.

What about children, you ask? Surely doctors must want babies to poo more often. Actually, even small babies don’t need to poo every day. Babies who poo only a few times a week could be just fine. How do we define constipation for a child? There are lots of medical groups that have come up with definitions. One of these definitions is known as the ROME 2 criteria for children, and they say that children with chronic constipation have at least two of these indicators: (1) at least two weeks of having a pebble-like, hard stool for the majority of their stools; (2) firm stools two times or fewer per week; and (3) no other bowel diseases.

If, however, like most of us, you define ‘clean’ to mean having fewer bacteria in your mouth and not having recently used your tongue as toilet paper, human mouths win out in the cleanliness department every time. Myth: If you get stung by a bee, don’t squeeze out the stinger This one is a half-truth! If you get stung by a bee, you must get the stinger out. The stinger can continue to pump out venom, and that will make your reaction to the bee sting worse. Getting the stinger out as fast as possible is an important part of treatment.

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