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By Jean Rabe

How a long way can a hero fall?
Far sufficient to lose his soul?

Dhamon Grimwulf, as soon as a Hero of the guts, has sunk right into a sour lifetime of crime and squalor. Now, because the nice dragon overlords of the 5th Age coldly plot to bolster their rule and to ruin their enemies, he needs to by some means locate the desire to redeem himself. yet maybe it's too late.

Downfall marks the go back of Dhamon and different characters from writer Jean Rabe's bestselling Dragons of a brand new Age trilogy.

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He retrieved the leather pouch from his boots and left them sitting on the carpet at the end of the bed. No use putting them on and clomping through the halls, he thought. His bare feet would be more silent. He carefully closed the shutters and returned to the doorway, again listening for sounds beyond. Still nothing. Good, he mouthed, as he slipped into the hall and padded by a string of lanterns, hung evenly along the wall. Only one was lit, however. As the night got older, all the others had been extinguished and the only one that remained burning had its wick turned down to a soft glow.

Do you think she’ll follow us? She looked so . . ” The half-elf shook her head, water flying in an arc from her waist-length hair. “Me, jealous? ” “You’re always jealous, Riki.

It seemed even the caregivers had finally gone to bed. The Legion of Steel sentries had just made another pass down the hall, which meant they’d be patrolling the grounds within a moment or two. Three predictably monotonous and slow circles the Knights always made, vigilantly guarding their injured brethren. Dhamon had been “listening” to the hospital since he arrived shortly after dawn and had the Knights’ dull routine memorized. He knew he would have a little more than a half-hour to work undiscovered.

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