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By Sue McGinty

Narcotics, chemical compounds initially derived from the opium poppy, are many of the oldest medicinal drugs in human historical past. Valued for his or her skill to minimize soreness and change conception, narcotics have performed roles in therapy and faith for the final 4,000 years. this day, morphine, the lively component in opium, and its big range of man-made derivatives are nonetheless the main strong pain-killing medications within the physician's scientific chest. but, this amazing kin of gear, defined via a few as "God's personal medication" are strongly addictive and feature exacted a grim toll on society.

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Tylenol helps. . What it is like to be very hungry and think of food . . your mouth salivates for food, a conditioned response . . heroin also conditions responses in you. . It simply becomes part of you. . It is an appetite you have now . . and anything can set it off. 31 Popular Drugs As painful as withdrawal can be, it is not the most dangerous aspect of illegal narcotic use. Emergency room visits resulting from heroin overdoses have been increasingly common. In one Washington community, the number of opiate-related deaths increased by 140 percent between 1990 and 1999, the last year for which statistics are available.

Those who do not use medication gradually reduce the size of their dosage over a period of time. Eventually, they quit taking the drug. Addicts who find this process to be too slow or difficult may choose to have the assistance of medication. Roadblocks One type of medication used in detoxification flushes the narcotic out of the addict’s body. It works by occupying the opiate recep- Treatment of Narcotic Addiction 63 tors in the brain and spinal cord, displacing the narcotics at their binding sites.

The process is difficult because it causes withdrawal symptoms as soon as an addict’s last dose of narcotics has been metabolized. Although rarely life threatening, withdrawal can be so physically painful and emotionally exhausting 61 62 Narcotics Patients suffer through withdrawal in a heroin detoxification center. Detox is the first step in drug treatment programs. that many addicts return to drug use just to end it. Therefore, detoxification is best accomplished in a setting that provides medical supervision and emotional support.

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