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By Keith Baker

A completely new crusade environment for the Dungeons & Dragons® roleplaying game.During the spring and summer time of 2002, Wizards of the Coast, Inc., positioned out a request to the gaming neighborhood for proposals for a brand new D&D video game environment. 11,000 proposals and years of improvement later, the Eberron crusade surroundings is the results of that seek. This brand-new environment for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying video game is an street for any D&D fan to event swashbuckling event and discover mysterious new territories.Designed to introduce a brand new, clean international with limitless percentages for exploration, the Eberron crusade surroundings comprises every thing had to advance characters and run campaigns during this interesting new enviornment. It comprises new personality races, monsters, status periods, feats, agencies, and kit specific to the area, and it introduces a brand new base classification to the D&D video game. It includes massive details on new parts of magic, together with spells, domain names, goods, artifacts, and extra. additionally integrated are historic and cultural info of the realm, in addition to vast illustrations and a wealth of maps that placed the surroundings into brilliant context. This identify also will contain either event hooks and a whole experience in order that avid gamers and Dungeon Masters can instantly commence having fun with every thing this wealthy new environment has to supply.

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Instead, some bards use their magical abilities to unearth ancient lore, while others use their interpersonal skills and bardic music to advance their careers as spies, ambassadors, diplomats, and chroniclers. As such, bards find employ as adventurers, as well as in governments and among the mercantile houses. Zilargo produces a large number of bards, since the gnomes’ love of knowledge makes them particularly well suited to this class. In other areas, bards appear most often in the large cities and towns throughout Breland, Karrnath, Thrane, and (particularly) Aundair.

Prestige Class: Exorcist of the Silver Flame. CLERICS AND CORRUPTION A cleric’s status within her church is usually more important than her relationship to her deity, who is—at best—a distant patron. Therefore, a cleric’s alignment need not remain within one step of her deity’s alignment. A cleric can cast spells with any alignment descriptor. Casting an evil spell is an evil act, and a good cleric’s alignment may begin to change if she repeatedly casts such spells, but the deities of Eberron do not prevent their clerics from casting spells opposed to their alignments.

B ARBARIAN Despite the advanced civilization that dominates Khorvaire, barbarians live in several places both on that continent and in nearby lands. Human, orc, and half-orc barbarians emerge from the Shadow Marches and Demon Wastes. Halfling barbarians ride the Talenta Plains. Human, half-elf, and shifter barbarians fill the Eldeen Reaches, though isolated groups of elf, dwarf, and even gnome barbarians live there as well. Darguun harbors some bugbear barbarians, and Droaam is home to barbarians of other monstrous species.

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