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SEpM 5:13). 51 Yet, in SEpM the comparison is between Iddin-Dagan, whose army captures that of the enemy (SEpM 2 and 3), and Lipit-Ištar, who can only temporarily halt the enemy’s advance (SEpM 4 and 5). The pedagogical or ideological purpose for this choice then seems unclear. 54 Charpin 2004, 385f. Tinney 1996, 3; Charpin 2004, 62. 50 Tinney 1996, 83. 51 Tinney 1996, 84f. 52 Rowton 1967, 273 n. 29; Frayne 1992, 120 n. 259. 53 The on-going hostilities between Isin and Larsa intensified under Gungunum of Larsa, the enemy king mentioned in the SEpM and a contemporary of Lipit-Ištar and his successor Ur-Ninurta.

35 For example, two compilation tablets are known, each containing five Decad compositions (IB 1511, UM 89-14-1) (Delnero 2008, 32, 99 n. ). introduction 7 on compilation tablets. The occurrence of these letters in roughly the same order on compilation tablets as well as the use of catchlines— which give the first line of the next composition in a series—indicates that in antiquity SEpM was considered a series with a relatively stable order, at least at Nippur. The associations of the compositions that make up the SEpM were initially identified by F.

37 St. ) St. ) In general, the versions of the SEpM letters at Ur deviate very little from their Nippur counterparts. Only one Ur manuscript of SEpM 13 seems to have a different understanding of the text than the Nippur manuscripts (see comm. SEpM 13). While minor textual variants are present, nowhere are they so explicit as to suggest a different recension. In sum, the evidence from the compilation and dual-composition tablets and catchlines coming from tablets found in schoolhouses throughout Nippur demonstrates that at Nippur SEpM was considered a collection already in antiquity.

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