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By Jorge Cespedes-Cure

In 1905, Einstein set the clinical group on an cutting edge and, on the time, arguable direction leaving behind the Newtonian proposal of area and time and upholding the Maxwell-Lorentz electrodynamics. used to be this a breakthrough or has the twentieth century a deceptive direction? In a completely readable and exhaustively philosophical research, sponsored by way of rigorous mathematical arguments, Jorge C. Cur? locations Einstein's conceptions on ancient scrutiny. by means of unifying the Newtonian and classical relativistic conceptions of nature, he establishes a brand new Physics. A becoming revolution for the hot millennium.

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The fraud is in the very foundations of any scientific theory. The glowing rationality of the theoretical structure vanishes in the blackness of irrationality of its principles. There is no rational escape from this irrational black hole in our minds. However, only those who have created theories know the existence of another tao (method, path). They alone apprehend the essence of the principles of a new theory. This path is not logical, not rational nor is it irrational. It is trans-rational. It is a path which leads humans to experience an altered state of their minds.

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Russell sees in this human capacity of formulating questions, the most important characteristic of human beings. Philosophy, according to Russell, reduces the intolerant arrogant authority, (especially of scientists without any drop of philosophy in their minds), which predisposes their insubstantial understanding against theorization or speculation. We hope, in the near future, scientists will realize that the bread we eat today is manufactured with the techniques of yesterday; which in turn are based on the technology of previous years; which in turn is based on the science of decades ago; which in turn is based on the seemingly impractical philosophy of centuries ago.

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