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By Masamichi Kato M.D., Ph.D., Tsukasa Shigemitsu Dr. Eng. (auth.), Masamichi Kato M.D., Ph.D. (eds.)

In this e-book, the authors meant to concentration their attempt on describing (1) organic responses of human and animals, either in vivo and in vitro methodologies, to magnetic and/or electromagnetic box publicity, (2) features of powerful fields, (3) hypotheses to give an explanation for attainable mechanisms of interplay among the fields and cells, and (4) triggered present in ELF and prompted warmth in RF fields as key interplay mechanisms.

The readers may have the present-day entire wisdom approximately organic responses to electromagnetic box exposure.

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2000). There are various mechanisms for detecting electromagnetic fields (Fig. 13). 5 µV/m) used to simulate prey is shown. As the shark swims through the geomagnetic field, in accordance with Faraday’s Induction Law, a vertical electromotive force is induced. This induced electric field allows selection of direction relative to the direction of the geomagnetic field to be obtained. It has been conjectured that this is used to judge the direction that the fish is swimming. , water current) and the geomagnetic field’s vertical component (Bv ) is equivalent to the electrical gradient created: current flow (ion flow) occurs, and detection of this current flow allows perception of the direction (up vs.

In that region, we have S = 1 E2 1 1 E·H = = ξ0 H 2 . 2 Endpoints and Methodologies for In vivo Research Because it reflects the nature of bioelectromagnetics, studies relating to the nervous system, are given the greatest emphasis. 2 Endpoints and Methodologies for In vivo Research 33 Fig. 1. The electromagnetic frequency spectrum. Energy can be described in terms of wavelength or frequency (top portion); it also can be described in terms of photon energy or temperature (bottom portion). has two other great regulatory systems, the endocrine and the immune systems.

Effect of presence or absence of 10 Hz electric field on changes in free-running circadian rhythms of experimental subjects (Wever 1968). The hatched areas are the period of field exposure. Activity rhythm is shown by bars (black filled: active period, white filled: resting period), body temperature rhythm, ( ) represent max and ( ) minimum. represents the temporal repetition of the maximum and minimum. Period (τ) represents the various phases of the experiment. 001). The internal desynchronization was not observed when the electric field was applied.

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