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By Saša Jurić

Elixir in motion teaches you to use the recent Elixir programming language to sensible difficulties linked to scalability, concurrency, fault tolerance, and excessive availability.

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Source code written in Erlang is compiled into byte code that is then executed in the BEAM. This is where the true magic happens. The virtual machine parallelizes your concurrent Erlang programs and takes care of process isolation, distribution, and overall responsiveness of the system. The standard part of the release is a framework called Open Telecom Platform (OTP). Despite its somewhat unfortunate name, the framework has nothing to do with telecom systems. com> 10 CHAPTER 1 First steps  Concurrency and distribution patterns  Error detection and recovery in concurrent systems  Packaging code into libraries  Systems deployment  Live code updates All these things can be done without OTP, but that makes no sense.

Com 26 CHAPTER 2 Building blocks If a function resides in the same module, you can omit the module prefix: defmodule Geometry do def rectangle_area(a, b) do a * b end Call to a function in the same module def square_area(a) do rectangle_area(a, a) end end Given that Elixir is a functional language, you often need to combine functions, passing the result of one function as the argument to the next one. to_string(abs(-5))) 5 More generally, the pipeline operator places the result of the previous call as the first argument of the next call.

Character. Rectangle do ... Circle do ... com> 24 CHAPTER 2 Building blocks The dot character is a convenience. Once the code is compiled, there are no special hierarchical relations between modules, nor are there services to query the hierarchy. It’s just syntactical sugar that can help you scope your names. You can also nest modules: defmodule Geometry do defmodule Rectangle do ... end ... Rectangle. Again, this nesting is a convenience. Rectangle. 2 Functions A function must always be a part of a module.

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