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By Mike Mearls

Description: In d20 delusion video games, characters can achieve energy with spells, swords, stealth, and supplications. but this energy not often extends past the character's own features. Empire introduces ideas for founding and development a political realm and punctiliously tending it from a tiny barony to a sprawling realm. Empire injects an epic point of motion right into a d20 crusade, permitting the gamers to take the jobs of kings, world wide spiritual leaders, archmages, and legal masterminds whereas handing DMs the instruments had to problem such strong figures.

A entire new d20 approach for founding, coping with, and working a political entity corresponding to a country, church, or legal cartel.

* principles for mass strive against to simulate the conflict of palms because the characters search to extend their energy and overwhelm hordes of orcs and demons that search to smash the geographical regions they've got labored so demanding to build.
* New status sessions designed to engage with the foundations for mass strive against and kingdoms, permitting characters to take the mantle of significant generals, clever kings, and political masterminds.
* New feats and spells designed to be used by means of characters and spell casters who lead countries and command armies.
* New magic goods, talents, and different skills designed explicitly to be used in political adventures.
* an entire DM's toolkit together with ideas for orc armies, demonic invasions, magical cataclysms, and different great risks that threaten the nation-states the desktops rule.

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A slim pedestal fused with the Skin of Vecna The skin of Vecna is from Vecna's original body, and it once covered the left half of his face, neck, and upper chest. Tough and leathery, it is still flexible enough to be unrolled. The skin radiates powerful magic that cannot be analyzed directly. Once in place, it functions as a normal skin; however, the left side of the recipient's face, neck, and upper torso obviously doesn't match the skin on the right side, what with its darkly scabrous color and texture.

On a thumbs-down, the object or victim must succeeed at a saving throw vs. spell or take 3d6 points of damage (make a saving throw for half), as well as suffer a -4 penalty on all saving throws and attack rolls for 1 hour. Whatever combination of thumbs-up or thumbs-down, the power cannot be used more than four times in any 24-hour period. Curse: As scalp of Vecna, under area 33. Destruction: As scalp of Vecna, under area 33. XP Value: 0 GP Value: 0 34. Reliquary of the First Digit The relief-carved door of iron, and the walls, floor, and ceiling of the reliquary contain a fine lead mesh, preventing ethereal traverse (though teleportation is not affected).

In addition, someone using the molars of Vecna can destroy the relic. XP Value: 0 GP Value: 0 The mosaic tiles hold an eldritch charge as described under area 33. The reliquary is securely locked (—40% penalty to Open Lock attempts). Within lies a relic of First Digit of Vecna The first digit of Vecna is a mummified thumb from Vecna's original right hand, complete with a blackened, clawlike nail. The thumb radiates powerful magic that cannot be analyzed directly. Once in place, it functions as a normal thumb on the recipient's right hand, if a bit overlarge and ugly.

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