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By Alejandro Melchor, Patricio Soler, Larry Elmore

Dragon Magic is all approximately harnessing the uncooked strength of dragonkind, attending to the very roots of magic and uncovering the inner most mysteries - it takes loads of time, endurance and realizing, however the actual Dracomancer has few equals and should also be robust adequate to bend Dragons themselves to his will. the trail to including Dragon Magic on your sorcerer, wizard or bard can commence very early yet it is a self-discipline that in basic terms actually bears fruit on the optimum of degrees. And its results will be frightening.

Dragon Magic kicks off with an outline of the artwork, overlaying the elements that truly make spells paintings and the way they relate to dragons, the Dragonsong, the excessive Draconic language, dragon bloodlines and the real Wordsof strength. this is often equipped upon via the subsequent bankruptcy, Draconic - Language of Magic, which gives the entire easy instruments a practitioner wishes if he's to undertake Dragon Magic. scholars needs to work flat out to profit excessive Draconic (it isn't really easily 'just' one other language), and its program has an everlasting drain on magical talents. With this, even if, comes new advantages - spellcasting utilizing excessive Draconic allows a caster to change spells at the fly as though stricken by a Metamagic feat yet with out real requirement to have learnt the feat within the first position - when you have ever questioned how your wizard may perhaps attainable use all of the metamagic feats presently to be had to him, this is often one course he can attempt. the danger is having the spell backfire with a couple of various results, so a practitioner needs to be wary, balancing his ability in excessive Draconic with the specified results. With excessive Draconic additionally comes an figuring out of the phrases of strength, just like strength note spells yet with significantly prolonged functions. those are the roots of all magical spells, and a practitioner can now, for the 1st time, entry this base magic without delay. final, there are the Dragonsongs, the instruments of bardic practitioners who research the refrain all dragons sing

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Protection from Element: The dragon instils his elemental nature into the charm, protecting the wearer from attacks using the same energy type as the dragon’s breath weapon. The dragon suffers an extra 3d6 points of subdual damage. The charm’s recipient may use the ability once per day, which works as the spell of the same name cast at the dragon’s current caster level. Dragon Player Characters In the off-chance that a Games Master has allowed a dragon Player Character, he needs the Create Wondrous Item feat in order to create a dragon charm.

The following is the process to craft a dragon focus: After the required Caster check to cast wall of fire from a scroll, Khuras crafts the wand from the dragon’s bone, extracting its essence and resonance so he can make a wand for which he lacks a caster level and sacrifices but a fraction of the life essence that the creation ritual asked for. He now has a wand of wall of fire. Note that all the costs are entirely virtual and can only be paid from the essence of the dragon bone, represented in its market price.

Blood is an exception and has special rules for determining quantity and price. Blood: The blood of dragons is said to have powerful properties. In its inert state, it can be used as the component of potions and unguents but, when awakened, it can require very simple castings of 29 DRAGON MAGIC – MAGICAL RESONANCE effects such as bull’s strength or see invisibility to enchant a potion. It could also be smeared over any other kind of magic item to imbue it with a portion of the dragon’s nature. Bathing in awakened dragon’s blood can bestow upon someone a gift of protection against weapons or the dragon’s type of breath weapon but be careful that all of the body is covered.

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