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Milne-Edwards 1867) Coquerel's sifaka coronatus (A. Milne-Edwards 1871) Crowned sifaka deckeni (Peters 1870) Van der Decken's sifaka majori (Rothschild 1897) Forsyth-Major's sifaka Superfamily DAUBENTONIOIDEA (Gill 1872) Family DAUBENTONIIDAE (Gray 1870) Daubentonia ( E . Geoffroy 1795) Aye-Aye madagascariensis (Gmelin 1788) Infraorder LORISIFORMES (Gregory 1915) Family LORISIDAE (Gregory 1915) Subfamily LORISINAE (Flower & Lydekker 1891) Loris ( E . Geoffroy 1796) Slender loris tardigradus (Linnaeus 1758) tardigradus (Linnaeus 1758) grandis (Hill & Phillips 1932) lydekkerianus (Cabrera 1908) malabaricus (Wroughton 1917) 1 The name Avahi (Jourdan 1834) is clearly superseded by Lichanotus (Illiger 1811) by the rule of priority.

ANTHROPOIDEA A. CEBOIDEA A rather large gap in our knowledge of the Primates occurs in the material available for assessing the relationship of the Prosimii to the South American Ceboidea. The fact that the South American Primates are considered to be of the monkey grade of organization, and are called monkeys, has stressed a probably spuriously close relationship between Old and New World forms. At present we can add nothing to the dis­ cussion of the Ceboidea provided by Hill's comprehensive work (1957, 1960, 1962).

Panamanian white-throated capuchin limitaneus (Hollister 1914) nigripectus (Elliot 1909) Black-chested capuchin griseus ( F . Cuvier 1819) Cai weeper capuchin griseus ( F . Cuvier 1819) Gray, olive weeper capuchin brunneus (Allen 1914) Brown, weeper capuchin castaneus ( I . Geoffroy 1851) Chestnut capuchin leporinus (Pusch 1941) Brazilian weeper capuchin 46 JOHN BUETTNER-JANUSCH Saimiri (Voigt 1831) Squirrel monkey boliviensis (dOrbigny 1834) Black-headed squirrel monkey boliviensis (dOrbigny 1834) jaburuensis (Lönnberg 1940) nigriceps (Thomas 1902) pluvialis (Lönnberg 1940) madeirae (Thomas 1908) madeirae (Thomas 1908) juruanus (Lönnberg 1940) oerstedi (Reinhardt 1872) Red-backed squirrel monkey oerstedi (Reinhardt 1872) Panamanian red-backed squirrel monkey citrinellus (Thomas 1904) Costa Rican red-backed squirrel monkey sciurea (Linnaeus 1758) Common squirrel monkey sciurea (Linnaeus 1758) caquetensis ( J .

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