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The postmitotic neurons that are con¢ned to the radial pathway exhibit a¤nity for elongated glial ¢bres and are termed `gliophilic', in contrast to `neurophilic' cells which move preferentially along a tangentially oriented axonal pathway (Rakic 1990). The surface molecules that provide di¡erential adhesion between migrating neurons and glial ¢bres is being actively investigated (reviewed in Rakic et al 1994, Rakic 1997, Komuro & Rakic 1998, Pearlman et al 1998), but in the context of this chapter, it is su¤cient to state that glial sca¡olding is an essential prerequisite for building a cerebral cortex, as arrays of radial columns intersected by horizontal layers of isochronously generated neurons.

Postmitotic neurons migrate rapidly across the intermediate zone (IZ) and become arranged vertically in the cortical plate (CP) in reverse order of their arrival (1, 2, 3, 4). (C) Diagrammatic representation of the time of neuron origin in macaque monkey. The data are obtained from 3H-thymidine autoradiographic analyses (Rakic 1974). (D) Estimate of the time of neuron origin in the human neocortex based on the number of mitotic ¢gures within the ventricular zone, supravital DNA synthesis in slice preparations of fetal tissue and the presence of migrating neurons in the intermediate zone of the human fetal cerebrum (from Rakic 1995b).

Springer-Verlag, Berlin (Res Perspect Neurosci) p 81^89 42 DISCUSSION Rakic P, Kornack DR 2000 Neocortical expansion and elaboration during primate evolution. a view from neuroembryology. In: Gibson K, Falk D (ed) Evolutionary anatomy of primate cerebral cortex. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, in press Rakic P, Stensaas LJ, Sayre EP, Sidman RL 1974 Computer-aided three-dimensional reconstruction and quantitative analysis of cells from serial electronmicroscopic montages of foetal monkey brain.

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