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A laboratory handbook for top faculties, schools, and universities, this publication includes greater than eighty experiments and lecture demonstrations. The insurance contains the necessities of common physics: mechanics and molecular physics, electrical energy and magnetism, optics and atomic physics, and condensed topic physics. the entire experiments are illustrated throughout the result of actual measurements and contain many novel experiments constructed by way of the writer.

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Lenz's rule 49 Not long after Faraday's discovery of the magnetic induction in 1831, Heinrich Friedrich Emil Lenz stated a rule: when a conducting circuit is moved in a magnetic field, the induced current flows in such a direction that the ponderomotive forces on it tend to oppose the motion. The interaction of a conductor with a time-dependent magnetic field is an important topic of electromagnetic theory. It was considered by many authors. Wouch and Lord (1978) calculated the levitation force and heating for a conducting sphere in the magnetic field of a circular loop of AC current.

Hence, the magnetic force is directed vertically, up or down. The data-acquisition system displays the data from the Force sensor versus the current through the conductor as one gradually changes the current. The measurements with two orientations of the magnet show an increase or decrease of the weight measured. 10. Magnetic force current is set to its maximum. One gradually decreases the current down to zero, reverses its direction by a switch, and then increases the current up to the maximum.

It is difficult to calculate the eddy currents in the rotor, but Lenz's rule unambiguously predicts the result of their interaction with the rotating magnetic field. The eddy currents are proportional to the relative angular velocity of the magnetic field with respect to the rotor. Therefore, the only way for Lenz's rule to be obeyed is for the rotation of the rotor to follow the magnetic field. Arago discovered the interaction between a magnetic needle and a rotating nonmagnetic conductor in 1825, but the phenomenon remained mysterious until Faraday discovered the electromagnetic induction in 1831.

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