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Offers forty seven articles that symbolize the insights and functional knowledge of the leaders of the XP neighborhood. provide experience-based options for imposing XP successfully and offers winning transitioning ideas. Softcover.

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Extreme Programming Perspectives

Provides forty seven articles that symbolize the insights and useful knowledge of the leaders of the XP group. provide experience-based strategies for enforcing XP successfully and gives winning transitioning ideas. Softcover.

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Iansiti. Technology Integration: Making Critical Choices in a Dynamic World. Harvard Business School Press, 1998. [Senge1990] P. Senge. The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of The Learning Organization. Currency Doubleday, 1990. I l@ve RuBoard I l@ve RuBoard About the Author This chapter is excerpted and adapted from Jim Highsmith's new book, Agile Software Development Ecosystems (Addison-Wesley, 2002). I l@ve RuBoard I l@ve RuBoard Chapter 3. Which AM Should I Use? —Michele Marchesi Copyright © 2003, Michele Marchesi.

Industry data reports that between 33 and 88 hours are spent on each defect found in the field [Humphrey1995]. When each defect saved during code development can save defect detection and correction times of between one-half and 88 hours, pair programming quickly becomes the cost-saving alternative [Williams2000]. We should also note that if time-to-market/cycle time is a prime motivator for you, pair programming can get the job done in about half the time. Could the same thing be done with two programmers working independently?

However, our research has shown that almost all programmers who bravely transition to the technique ultimately prefer it to working alone. They come to appreciate the camaraderie, the mental stimulation, and the confidence of knowing that someone else agrees with their work. The results of pair programming research can also allay the fears of managers. Pair programming can significantly benefit an organization. Pair programmers are more likely to produce a higher-quality product. Development time and cost do not increase significantly.

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