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By John S. Mead

Инструкция по ремонту и обслуживанию Fiat Punto (моделей c бензиновыми двигателями). Дано детальное описание всех узлов и агрегатов и советы по их эксплуатации и техобслуживанию. Чертежи, таблицы и схемы электрооборудования.

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Cooling system filling 13 Before attempting to fill the cooling system, make sure that all hoses and clips are in good condition, and that the clips are tight. Note that an antifreeze mixture must be used all year round, to prevent corrosion of the engine components (see below). lthe system by slowly pouring the coolant into the expansion tank to prevent airlocks from forming. Ensure that all bleed screws are open. 15 If the coolant is being renewed, begin by pouring in a couple of litres of water, followed by the correct quantity 01 antifreeze, then topup with more water.

_ . • . . . . 86 mm Stroke . . . . . •............... _.. _. • . . . . Capacity ... •............... _.. _. •. .. ... 1242 cc Compression ratio ....................... •.. _. •. ... .. 5:1 Firing ordef 1--3-4-2 No 1 cylinder location. . . . Timing beH end of engine Timing belt tension . . . . See lext • Note: See 'Vehicle kJentification' for the location of code marldng on the engine. Camshaft Oriv, camshaft bearing joumal diameters: No 1 bearing ..

17 Where applicable. gntIIiW securely. WId" ~ wiring connectors. 18 Refit the timing belt covers. """.... pulley, auxiliary drivebelt. spat\< plugs arcs air cleaner assembly. Adjust the tensiDf'l aI auxiliary drivebelt as descnbed ... ,.. 12 Using right-angled circUp QIIera. . the tensloner pulley to tully t~ . timing belt SOHC (8-valve) engine in-car repair procedures 2A-7 Timing belt tens/oner the specified torque while holding the camshaft stationary using the method described previously. On all other engines, the retaining bolt Is tightened during the timing belt refitting procedure.

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