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By John S. Mead

A part of a sequence of manuals for automobile or bike proprietors, this version offers details on regimen upkeep and servicing, with initiatives defined and photographed in a step by step series in order that even a amateur can do the paintings.

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Inspection 13 With the sprocket removed, examine the camshaft oil seal for signs of leaking. If necessary, refer to Section 8 and renew It. 14 Check the sprocket teeth for damage. 15 Wipe clean the sprocket and camshaft mating surfaces. Refitting 16 Locale the sprocket on the end of the camshaft, then relit the boh and washer. 000 (see Section 2). tighten the bolt to 7 Camshaft coverremoval and refitting Removal 1 Remove Ihe air cleaner assembly as described In Chapter 4A. 2 Disconnect the wiring connector Irom the camshaft position sensor located at the timing belt end of the camshaft COV9f.

3 If the timing belt Is being removed. It is a wise precautlon to check the condition of the coolant pump at the same time (check for signs of coolant leakage). This may avoid the need to remove the timing belt again at a later stage, should the coolant pump fall. tensioner, move the tensioner pulley away from the belt and retighten the nul to hold the pulley in the retracted pOSition (see illustration). 6 If the timing belt is 10 be re-used, use white paint Of' chalk to mark the direction of rolation ()(I the belt (If mar1dngs do not already exist), then sfip the bell off the sprockets.

Camshaft endftoat ...... . . .. ....... 20mm lubrication system Oil pump type ... •.... Rotor endfloat . . ........... 056 mm Ve

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