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Retain your vehicle alive! What to do, and what to not do, while your automobile is going wrong.

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Check whether the alternator drivebelt has broken or come off. • Check that the alternator drivebelt is tight enough and is not slipping. The alternator drivebelt should be in contact with the pulley at the end of the alternator. To check the drivebelt ‘play,’ hold it between your finger and thumb halfway between two pulleys and move it backwards and forwards. It should feel quite tight and only move about 1in. If the play is more than this, consider having the alternator tension adjusted or the belt replaced.

Can I still drive the car? Unless you have confirmed that there is sufficient brake fluid in the system and the fault lies elsewhere (ie with the handbrake switch), it is not recommended you drive the car. Call your breakdown service and get the car recovered to a garage. Tip If your brake warning light never comes on, it is likely that the dashboard bulb behind the light has failed and needs to be changed. 10 Tyre pressure monitoring system warning light If fitted, this normally illuminates when the ignition is turned on and goes out when the engine is started.

Proceed with caution, and remain alert about the possible change in the steering. Tip If your EPS does have a ‘city’ or ‘parking’ mode to make the steering lighter whilst town driving in traffic or when parking, make sure you turn it off when you don’t need it. These settings make the steering motor work harder, and using them continuously can cause problems. Refer to your vehicle handbook for ‘best practice’ regarding using your EPS. Tip If you keep getting an intermittent power steering fault, make sure that the battery and charging system are working fully.

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